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What happens when you put together the Mafia and real vampires?

Then you get Vampire Mob. [video: 425×344]

The premise is simple, but deliciously clever: “Don Grigioni (John Colella) is a hitman who becomes a vampire because he thought it would be good for business and his marriage – THEY wouldn’t live forever – but then Don got hungry and bit his wife, Annie (Reamy Hall). Annie feels bad that her mom (Marcia Wallace) will die one day, and bites her.

Now, Don’s mother-in-law is moving in with them, for eternity.”


(Heed warnings about language.)

[video: 425×344]

Episode One, currently on-line, introduces us to cocky-yet-instantly-charming Don and his slightly neurotic but way-too-patient-with-him wife Annie. The series is set up as a faux documentary, shot by Don’s nephew Mikey (“We are all famous to a few people”, says the show’s tagline), which also explains the rather gritty sound and image quality. The content largely makes up for that though. It treats the subject very matter-of-factly, and that is perhaps what makes it so hilarious.


The show also thrives on interpersonal exchanges. Colella and Hall have good chemistry, and their dialogues, how slightly absurd they may seem at first glance, just click right into place – fake teeth and all. They seem to even each other out in the constant fight that is their marriage, and I’m definitely intrigued to find out who will come out victorious. Don thought he could escape his vows by living forever, but one moment of weakness and Annie now has equal weapons, delivering a quite lethal blow by biting her mother. How will Don recover from this?


The second episode really sealed the deal. It stars Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds) as Annie’s sister and their discussion about who will care for their mother now that she has been turned into vampire is pure gold.


In times of sparkly Vampires, it’s good to have a Vampire series which is intentionally funny.


The first 4 episodes are on the  Vampire Mob site; they all have closed caption, are translated in German (all 4), in French (3/4 with 4 coming up) and in Klingon (1 so far) =D

They are trying to fund season 2 right now. The deadline to pledge is tomorrow – without funding the series is canceled!



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