Hot on the heels of my last post (which, by the way, Sylvester McCoy has now confirmed), the Powers that Be have released some casting news, and BOY is it good news for those of you who want to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Geek Edition.  Some highlights, by which I mean “people I’ve heard of”:


  • Martin Freeman (Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy movie) as Bilbo.  An excellent choice, IMHO: Freeman’s a skilled comic actor with a nebbishy everyman quality to him, perfect for Bilbo the reluctant adventurer.
  • Aidan Turner (Mitchell in “Being Human”) as Kili.  Interestingly, he and the actor playing Fili are both young and hot; the rest of the dwarves are middle-aged character actors.  It’s canon that Fili and Kili are much younger than the other dwarves, but this is the first time I’ve seen it translated into human terms.  Usually they’re portrayed as looking like the older dwarves (with big long beards, etc.) and just being sprightlier and nimbler.
  • Bill Nighy as the voice of Smaug.  Has been in Harry Potter, “Doctor Who”, Shaun of the Dead, and damn near everything else, ever; sort of like a British Christopher Walken.  I’m on the fence about this, actually, because I really would have liked Tom Baker as the voice of Smaug.  Bill Nighy’s an outstanding actor, but his voice doesn’t strike me as being especially… weighty or impressive or anything.  But, as with everything else, I’m perfectly willing to be convinced.