I’m still not entirely over the fact that Paranormal Activity’s release timing last year screwed over the Fourth Kind, which I found interesting and strangely creepy (I also love Milla Jovovich).  But I had to go see Paranormal Activity 2 anyway because I really wanted to know where there was to go with that plotline.  What could they possibly do with this thing?  Blair Witch 2?


Well, the trailer gave a few hints, and it made things look fairly interesting….and perhaps more involved than stuff literally going bump in the night.



On top of that, if you looked at the version on the official website and tried to rewind the video a bit, it would skip and do creepy things and play some other footage.  They also made it a point to show a baby in a crib in the mirror….a crib that was empty outside of the reflection.  Overall, it looked like it was shaping up to one creepy story.




Sadly, many of the ominous scenes found in various versions of the trailer aren’t even part of the film.  Really.


It did do one interesting thing…it acted as a sort of prequel to the first film, giving an explanation to Katie’s haunting.  It starts out two months before the end of the first film.  It focuses around Katie’s sister’s family and makes a few mentions of possible motives for the hauntings, which begin a little after the sister has her first child, a little boy named Hunter.


When it comes to actual shocks, the film sticks to the style of the first.  Things go thump.  Doors open and close on their own.  People get dragged down stairs.  But mostly, things go thump.  Very, very loudly.  And when that happens during a film with absolutely no soundtrack, it’s bound to startle the audience.


It starts to set up a good overall storyline, using the teenage step-daughter to bring in new facts about the family.  Unfortunately, these aren’t expanded upon as much as they could have been, which leads me to believe there will be a Paranormal Activity 3 in our future.  Naturally the novelty of the style of the first film has worn off, but this movie does manage to carry itself fairly well anyway.  Still, I can’t help but feel a little cheated that the trailer was made up of so much that wasn’t even a part of the movie….parts that I was really looking forward to seeing, and things that could have made a big difference in my mind, convincing me that there was more to it than making scuffly sounds and random loud noises to freak people out…along with some nauseating moving camerawork.  There were a few scenes that had a ton of potential that were either cut short or ignored almost entirely.


Overall, it was okay…but honestly, folks, listen.  If you’re going to go around hyping your sequel to a surprise hit, you’d better make sure your marketing team isn’t writing checks your own creative talents can’t cash.



2.5 Chicas