Apparently, the number of ex-Doctors linked to Peter Jackson’s upcoming “Hobbit” films has just gone up to two.   Back in August, there was news that Sylvester McCoy was in talks to play an unspecified role, possibly Radagast the Brown*; today, rumors emerge that David Tennant is also being considered for an unspecified role.


All I have to say is that, if they do not get Tom Baker to play the King of the Mirkwood Elves, then… well, it will be a colossally wasted opportunity, is what.




Would it be irresponsible to use the comments to speculate on which other ex-Doctors would be suited for roles in “The Hobbit“?  My friends, it would be irresponsible not to.

* Don’t look at me; I know he isn’t in it.


Dear Santa Claus Peter Jackson,

Please bring me:

  • Tom Baker as the voice of Smaug
  • Peter Davison as the king of the wood-elves
  • Colin Baker as Thorin Oakenshield
  • Paul McGann as Elrond, though I understand if you want to keep Hugo Weaving. I guess.
  • Christopher Eccleston as Bard the Bowman

 Love and kisses,


P.S. Also Robbie Coltrane as Beorn.