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Don’t Waste Your Time – More Movie-Related Sacrifice

 Generally, I do think that most movies have at least some redeemable qualities.  Maybe just one big one.  Or maybe they’re awesomely bad and fun to mock.  That’s a redeemable quality.  However, there are some films that just are not worth your time.  I’ve seen them…or tried to watch them and failed miserably because they made me physically uncomfortable with how bad they were.  And here’s my short list of more recent films, which obviously doesn’t encompass all of them. […]

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Fairy Godmother

 Welcome to our annual Geeka-Boo original Horror story. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween!  Halloween, it dawns only once a year. For Maggie Phillips this holiday meant more than any of the others. Thanksgiving was a day to bitch, fight, standing over a hot stove, hanging out with relatives you wouldn’t spare a cent to if their lives depended on it. You spent the day stuffing your face with the meat of helpless animal that was too stupid to realize it’s flesh was the worst curse that could be brought upon it.  […]

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Vampire Mob

 This article comes to us via  guest blogger, AGirlNamedLuma, a fellow CM fangirl and sometime GeekaChica. Reprinted with permission. What happens when you put together the Mafia and real vampires? Then you get Vampire Mob. The premise is simple, but deliciously clever: “Don Grigioni (John Colella) is a hitman who becomes a vampire because […]

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A Pan-Geekdom Hobbit

 Hot on the heels of my last post (which, by the way, Sylvester McCoy has now confirmed), the Powers that Be have released some casting news, and BOY is it good news for those of you who want to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Geek Edition.  Some highlights, by which I mean “people […]

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    Clash of the Geeks – Entertaining Insanity for a Good Cause

Clash of the Geeks – Entertaining Insanity for a Good Cause

I was bored this morning after working steadily for about…an hour. (I know. Pathetic.) I remembered that I’d fallen behind on reading Pat Rothfuss’ blog which is one of my favorite things IN THE WORLD. (He’s a fantasy author, for those of you who don’t know.)  (And honestly, why don’t you know?  He’s written one […]

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Paranormal Activity Meh

 I’m still not entirely over the fact that Paranormal Activity’s release timing last year screwed over the Fourth Kind, which I found interesting and strangely creepy (I also love Milla Jovovich).  But I had to go see Paranormal Activity 2 anyway because I really wanted to know where there was to go with that plotline.  What could they possibly do with this thing?  Blair Witch 2? Well, the trailer gave a few hints, and it made things look fairly interesting….and perhaps more involved than stuff literally going bump in the night.  On top of that, if you looked at the version on the official website and tried to rewind the video a bit, it would skip and do creepy things and play some other footage.  They also made it a point to show a baby in a crib in the mirror….a crib that was empty outside of the reflection.  Overall, it looked like it was shaping up to one creepy story.  THAR BE SPOILERS. […]

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The Vampire Follies–An Insider Rant

 When press on vampire fangs—the kind that fit right over real teeth—are prominently featured and easier to procure than condoms, aspirin, or feminine hygiene goodies in my local drugstore, I begin to suspect something is going seriously awry.   During past Halloween seasons, I’ve been able to take refuge in the relative sanity […]

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“The Hobbit” / “Doctor Who” update of the day

 Apparently, the number of ex-Doctors linked to Peter Jackson’s upcoming “Hobbit” films has just gone up to two.   Back in August, there was news that Sylvester McCoy was in talks to play an unspecified role, possibly Radagast the Brown*; today, rumors emerge that David Tennant is also being considered for an unspecified role. All I have to say is that, if they do not get Tom Baker to play the King of the Mirkwood Elves, then… well, it will be a colossally wasted opportunity, is what.    Would it be irresponsible to use the comments to speculate on which other ex-Doctors would be suited for roles in “The Hobbit”?  My friends, it would be irresponsible not to. * Don’t look at me; I know he isn’t in it. […]

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October–When Death Gets Jiggy

 If you happen to be planning a trip to the Brittany region of France, try not to die on the night of October 31.  Specifically, try not to be the last person to die in the parish you’re visiting.  You may wind up with a greater responsibility than you ever imagined. A warning or a joke?  Even in 2010 Brittany, people tread carefully on the ancient Celtic new year.  Ancient legends, tales of times gone by, still live among the Bretons.  Perhaps no legend remains quite as vivid in the minds of the people as that of the Ankou.  He is a personification of death, in simple terms.  But the Ankou is shrouded in tradition so dramatic that he steps beyond many of his morbid colleagues. The Ankou collects the souls of humans who have passed beyond the mortal world.  He himself is not Death.  Instead, the Ankou is called a worker in the house of Death.  Put another way, the Ankou’s task is not his own will but rather the will of Death.  He is a pawn, but a necessary pawn.  […]

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In honor of October…

 … and straight from the OH HELL YES department: Bryan Fuller (of several series including Pushing Daisies, which yr. humble contributor adored helplessly and completely) is helming a remake of The Munsters. Not enough awesome for you?  Guillermo del Toro is rumored to be involved.  

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