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Indie Spotlight: Carl The Movie

 Today I wanted to shine the light on a up and coming Indie movie called ” Carl ” a film starting actor Loren Boyer and Directed by Harvey Benschoter. Here’s a quick synopsis of the film ” A quiet factory worker gets tempted by the corporate ladder only to become the fall guy. Includes surreal visions, foodfighting, and deconstructionism […]

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Sally Ride Science

 So a few weeks ago, I attended a talk by Dr. Sally Ride, who really did grow up to become an astronaut.  It was pretty cool.  She brought pictures. Oh, who am I kidding?  It was freaking awesome.  I got to shake her hand and everything!  Anyway, it turns out that she’s trying to get […]

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Toast Landing Jam Side Down Now Valid Scientific Test for Demonic Presence

 “Devil.” “One of these people is not who they seem to be.”  See?!  This time he’s telling you up front that there’s a tveest!  That means he’s learned, right?  Sure, go ahead and let M. Night Shyamalan off his leash!  What could possibly go wrong?  The movie opens with a man describing what becomes a recurring part of the story to the point that you really will not be able to hear it without pissing off everyone in the theater by asking in loud incredulity, “Who tells this kind of thing to their children?!” When Latino Security Guard was little, his mom used to tell him stories about the devil taking human form, trapping a bunch of damned people together, and then tormenting them before killing them so they could continue to be tormented in hell.  Oh, and this kind of event always started with someone committing suicide.  It was a heartwarming family tale that clearly scarred Latino Security Guard for life.  Unable to pass the psych exam to become a cop, he instead became a security guard at a giant building made of mirrored glass right next to the Blue Cross Blue Shield skyscraper in downtown Philadelphia where he now spends his time watching hockey games and fetching Dunkin Donuts coffee for his coworker.  Well, look at that….a guy committed suicide this morning.  And who is dispatched to investigate this incident?  The K-Mart version of Colin Farrell’s Minority Report cop, Folin Carrell.  Folin Carrell’s fantastic deductive skills are quite key to everyone’s safety, you see.  He’s the one who realizes that the guy who committed suicide jumped from Building 333 (the building next to Blue Cross Blue Shield).  He even stops the janitor from sweeping up the broken glass on the sidewalk before another large piece almost takes out his partner!   What a guy! You’d think with five people getting stuck on an elevator (Elevator 6 no less – Shyamalan, you sly fox), things would pick up fairly quickly.  And the film tries.  It really, really tries.  Unfortunately, since everyone outside the elevator has the reasoning skills of a honeydew melon, it’s pretty tough to move the plot along without flickering lights and stuff going down inside between the trapped individuals.   (There are spoilers, but I mean…come on, this movie is about as formulaic as they come.) […]

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Geek Video of the Week

 I’m not sure how long this has been making the rounds, but it is a level of awesome not commonly encountered, even in the vasty deep of the interwebs. Enjoy!  

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Fangks to Keith Budden, Unsung Hero

 Antivenin–drop for drop, some of the most valuable and costly substance in the world.   Perhaps creatures such as venomous snakes aren’t a part of our everyday world.  The likelihood of suffering a strike with potentially fatal consequences dwindles down to a freak article in the newspaper. Yet venom researchers don’t share […]

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Gaming Paper Giveaway Winner Announcement!

 Congratulations to our contest winner,  Michelle Norton!  You will be notified by email when the rolls of Gaming Paper have been sent. 🙂 Enjoy! Ms. Norton’s entry was chosen by the ‘pick a folded slip of paper out of a hat’ method. (After all entries from various sites were munged into a single document, printed, […]

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Third Place Was My Personal Victory

 I was out of my depth and I knew it, but I was determined to at least make a statement in the Purple Prose Parody Contest. Now this was sponsored by a romance novel website, an area represented by people for whom I’m something of an oddity. The twist was to base the parody on a classic novel. Well, I figured I wanted to go full throttle, so I chose George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The characters weren’t  human–that, I thought, should set me apart.  And imagine my surprise when I came in third! Not everybody thinks according to a rigid paradigm.  Here is my entry, titled “A Tumble in the Hay” below the cut. […]

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Professor Bernice Summerfield: now in glorious CGI

 She’s a little bit River Song, a little bit Lara Croft, but predates either.  She’s worshiped on some planets as a minor goddess of inebriation.  She’s interstellar archaeologist Bernice Summerfield, one of the Whoniverse’s most successful spinoffs, and she’s just hit YouTube in her first animated adventure, a prequel for season 11 (yes–eleven) of […]

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