The next person who tries to use a Rotten Tomatoes rating to tell me that a movie sucks is going to be backhanded.  Why do people put so much stock into what this website says?


Of course, anyone who says “Rotten Tomatoes just likes hating everything” can automatically be pointed toward the fact that they fall all over any movie that “everybody” is going to love or see as genius.  Dark Knight.  Well, they can’t rip on Dark Knight…people might stop putting credence into  their meaningless ratings!


This is a site that gives Hostel a 59%.  Hostel.  The movie that is pretty much a softcore snuff film.  In fact, they give a pass to plenty of movies because “they’re exactly what they’re supposed to be.”  Some films are apparently allowed to be full of explosions and boobs as long as that’s what they’re “supposed to be”….but the “supposed to be” is a completely arbitrary designation.  Vampires Suck is pretty obviously supposed to be a silly mocking of Twilight, among other things, but that gets a 6% rating.   The Nightmare on Elm Street remake?  13%.  Someone explain to me how that movie was not what it was “supposed to be.”  Please. 


Meanwhile, Piranha 3D enjoys a whopping 75% positive rating.