Let’s face it.  When we embark on romantic relationships, we’re leaving ourselves open to receiving a lot of junk.  At the time it might have sentimental value–like X is trying to share their passionate interests with Y.  In the flush of love, we go along with the flow.

 But when the passion has fizzled and the relationship has gone by way of the dodo, that accumulated junk can just get annoying.  You know.  It’s sitting around your place, but you have no real use for any of it in your current life.  Not that it reminds you of affection gone sour–more like it’s just plain taking up space, or is otherwise irritating.

 So do what I’m doing.  Pay it forward.

 Look, in these economic circumstances, none of us can afford to ignore any source of gifts for the people we love.  What better use for a pile of ex-gifts than to regift them to people who can genuinely use them?

 Of course, I mean after you have given your ex every chance possible to reclaim their things.  It’s only decent, and it’s the difference between giving the stuff away free and clear and still having some overhanging dirt smudging it up.  Hey, I gave my ex (the ex before the ex that came before my current beau) months to retrieve his things.  No games, no gimmicks, just his stuff returned.  Well, he’s never shown any interest in doing this, so I decided to pay it forward.

 He left a guitar in excellent condition and fairly valuable as such things go, but didn’t want it back.  All right.  So I’ve given it to my boyfriend, who needed a better quality guitar and actually is professionally involved in the music industry.

 He left a sack full of comic books of various vintage and topics.  I let my boyfriend’s nieces and nephews have at them, except for the editions of the illustrated Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which I passed on to my friend Marilys.

 He gave me a pile of Led Zeppelin CDs.  Great, but I’m more of a punk girl myself.  I gave them all to a good friend who’s going through some tough times and really appreciated the escape.  I gave her the DVD he’d gotten me as well.

 He left the first season of the old Twilight Zone, which I gave to my sister’s boyfriend.

 Justice League went to my neighbor.  Return to the Batcave went to a friend in my boyfriend’s band.  The Tick ended up with a friend of a friend of a friend.

 He left some Simpsons books too, which my father has promptly seized.

 Look at all the people I managed to make happy out of my own mess!  Above all, I feel great about it.  I mean, if my ex couldn’t be bothered to reclaim this stuff, why shouldn’t other people get pleasure from it?