It has leaked at last!


 Spinoff has a great post with screen caps taken from the trailer here.


And it’s being taken down from websites almost as fast as it goes up, but this link might work (New still working link New New Still Working Link Portuguese website with working video!) to watch the trailer itself. Watch it while you can!


  Fellow Thor Lovers, I have to admit that I am floored. I did not expect this movie to look as good as it does right now.  This trailer is long (five minutes), but it is full of goodness– Go watch it, and then come back and let us hear your thoughts! Love it or Hate it? Why or why not?


 My thoughts are below the cut, as always.

Arrogant Thor is arrogant.


 Humbled Thor is humbled.


Tough Warrior Thor is the TOUGHEST warrior around.


Spoileresque information follows!


The Thor trailer presents us with a clear character arc for Thor. It’s nothing that we didn’t already know, but now we’re seeing it. Thor messes up, he’s got too much ego and not enough sense, he seems to have started a war for Asgard, and Odin is so ticked off he strips Thor of everything and exiles him to Earth where Thor must now EARN back his hammer and power by learning, I would assume, a little humility and a lot less bloodlust. Not only that, but while he’s in exile, the throne of Asgard is given to Loki! Of course this can only spell doom.


Anthony Hopkins kind of infuses this trailer with a Marlon Brando as Jor-El feeling, which I think just adds to the awesome. It doesn’t feel contrived– just present, and it really adds another flavor to the action movie spectacular we have going on. 


Some things I noticed:


It’s clear from the trailer that The Warriors Three and Sif end up on Earth at some point in the movie. We see them limping away from somewhere in the desert while Thor says he doesn’t know what’s he’s supposed to do with himself.


Jane Foster and Thor clearly have a little something-something going on. I’m curious what this will mean for Sif. In the comics we had the separate entity of Don Blake, which this film– well, from what we can SEE so far– seems to lack. Kenneth Branagh told us not to discount Don Blake yet, though, at comic-con, so perhaps this is something to wait and see about.


Jotunheim. Clearly the frost giants are playing a role.  From the trailer we see some kind of fight happening, and in one of the comic-con interviews I watched (Perhaps one done by MTV?), Chris Hemsworth admits that there is a portion of the movie that takes place in Jotunheim– the land of the giants. 


Finally, 3D. This trailer is obviously not in 3D, but we can see a little bit how the 3D elements might mesh.  The rain on the Thor Title. The Hammer flying at the screen. I’m less worried about the 3D after seeing the trailer in 2D, and while I’m still not a fan of 3D in live action films, I have a bit more faith that the movie will use it wisely.


OVERALL, I think this trailer is much better looking than we had any real right to expect, all things considered. At this point I am just going to have faith in Kenneth Branagh to bring us a solid movie. I have a lot of respect for him as a director and I have to believe he wouldn’t give us anything less than awesome.


Oh also? The sound effect of the Destroyer’s footsteps? Awesome touch.