When I first heard that Devo was going to release their first album in twenty years, I went a little nuts.  I headed straight for my bedroom closet and threw myself into the Nostalgia Vortex.  Why?  Well, with Devo back in action, I simply had to have my old fire engine red energy dome, the kind shaped like a stepped pyramid.


The Original Devo Energy Dome 


But alas!  With a new album came new energy domes–blue energy domes.  So when I sat down to paint my old energy dome blue, I listened to “Something For Everybody”.  The first single, “Fresh”, leads in to the feeling of the entire opus–it’s refreshing.


The Fresh Devo Energy Dome 

Maybe this is your mother’s Devo.  The band’s enduring hit “Whip It” struck in 1980.  “Something For Everybody” seems to both go back to the roots in cynical synth/pop and reinvent the band as relevant in 2010.  With all the Dizzy Channel “bands” and American Idle castoffs, it’s kind of nice to meet this bunch of guys once again.


This is the rare album I can listen to all the way through.  The beat never lets up and yes, you can most certainly dance to it.