Science fiction to me (and to the immeasurable Orson Scott Card) isn’t just about space ships, aliens, and freakishly tall, forest-dwelling blue people who are [insert soft whimsical voice here] connected to all nature and animals and it to them in peace, harmony, and fluffy glitter bunnies.


Science fiction is about the concept of the seemingly impossible to us in this world and how, as human beings, we would discover and learn of ourselves through the seemingly impossible.


Nothing captures this true concept of science fiction better than Inception, written and directed by the very refreshing Christopher Nolan.


Nolan attacks the very immeasurable idea of dreams in this movie.


In the movie, Leonardo DeCaprio plays Cobb, a man who knows how to place himself into dreams he makes for a particular person in order to steal their secrets.


Cobb has baggage of his own that we as the audience gradually learns about, and that continues to crop up in the dreams he possesses. His deceased wife (Marion Cotillard) remains a powerful presence in his subconscious because of the guilt he feels over her mysterious death.


The plot itself is a caper involving Cobb, and a wonderful ensemble cast that includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Whom I absolutely adored in this movie!), Ellen Page, and Tom Hardy (better known as Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis) among others.


The purpose of the caper is to implant an idea into a man’s head, yet have him believe that it is his own idea so that it will mature and develop as such, and change the course of his life, and the lives of others.


I won’t explain the entire concept, because that was part of the fun of the movie, figuring everything out and keeping track of where the characters were throughout.


But to sum it up, this plot that brought amazing visuals along with it blew out my brain pan. There isn’t really any other way I can describe it.


Nolan takes the knowledge we already have from dreaming – falling makes you wake up, influences from the outside effect how and what you dream; your subconscious populates the dream with projections of people – and solidifies it so that it comes much closer to a reality.


The cast is amazing. It also includes a few Nolan favorites, Cillian Murphy ,(Pretty!)  Michael Caine, and Ken Watanabe. In fact, I found myself incredibly envious of Ellen page, because of the fantastic cast of dudes she was surrounded by. All of them have their backgrounds and characters believably established in such a short time, which not only makes the plot in this movie amazing, but the layout and execution fantastic.


Everything was believable – the concept of the controlling of a dream, and the idea that a person could come into your dream and find out your secrets. There was never a question raised regarding any part of the original idea for the story. That fact in itself is what helps to make a good movie brilliant.


Nolan has truly outdone himself with Inception – something that I frankly didn’t believe was possible after the jewels that are The Dark Knight and The Prestige.


Inception is a movie that has depth, dimension, wonderful new ideas, stunning visuals, and a mind blowing story. Nolan has definitely set the bar for story-telling higher than we have seen it yet.