Folks, we have a lot of new images being put out pre-Comic Con, and it is only going to get better on Saturday, from what I can tell. The ramp up for Thor is hard core. We have HIGH RES stills, including our first view of Loki WITH his horned helmet and a very golden throne room in Asgard. We have two of the warriors three. We have Comic-Con movie concept-art posters for Cap AND Thor. AND. AND we have Thor standing in the rain flexing every muscle on his body. Follow the links for the Better quality images at their sources!


Let me begin with the poster art released by Marvel. It’ll be available at the Marvel booth at the con!



I dare you to look at that poster and tell me that this movie looks lame.


Higher resolution image of the Hall of Asgard, a la LA Times, which came through for us again. The original release was print only, but they threw up the digital not long after. Incidentally, Russ Fischer at did a great job pulling out the details for us on this image for a close up of Loki, Frigga, Hogun and Fandral while Thor kneels before Zod Odin. also includes the original bootleg EW image of Thor and Odin in high res in that article, which can also be found on Marvel’s site. I’ll post a lower res of the Hall of Asgard image here, as a preview but definitely go get the full effect! (EDIT: YES WE HAVE HELMETS THANK YOU COMIC CON!)




 The Money Shot and my thoughts below the cut!


I don’t know where this picture came from, but whoever released it is my new best friend. (Thanks USA today!) When Chris Hemsworth is not in his full Thor regalia, you can REALLY see how bulked up he’s gotten for this movie. Seriously Hugh Jackman, move over. Chris Hemsworth just dethroned you as the most muscled marvel masterpiece in the movies. (Did you like that alliteration? That’s what I’m here for.)



 As far as my thoughts go:


The Hall of Asgard sold me on the Asgard look. Sold. And it looks like if they’ve given Odin and Loki their helmets, we should see Thor feather-eared at some point too, even if it is just for a moment. Odin’s throne, the ravens Huginn and Muninn, the detailed designs on the floors, everything screams larger than life– these are gods. I’ll take it.


As for Thor in the rain, I think it goes without saying that I’m in love. Mjolnir looks exactly as I would have expected it to, also. If they go in with CG later and give it the blue glow we saw in the concept art, or not, I don’t care. Thor’s hammer is what it is– and that right there is our direct translation from the page to the screen.  Also. Thor should ALWAYS be in the rain. Let me put it to you this way:



Movie Thor and Ultimate Thor* could be brothers. And that is good enough for me.


Now, we have only to wait for the news from Comic-con. (Please GOD let there be a teaser trailer. By Balder’s Manly Earlobe, PLEASE.) And my friends, I want you to know that it PHYSICALLY PAINS ME that I will not be there to get the scoop first hand. My heart breaks every time I think of it.  Do feel free to snag me Thor loot, if you are in attendance though! (Wishful thinking, I know, but I mean, I totally will accept free Thor stuff. Who wouldn’t?)


Stay tuned. I’m sure that more is coming.


* Thor art by Bryan Hitch, Ultimates 2 issue #5