My friends, we have some new imagery from Thor! Brought to us by Marvel and the LA Times (The LA Times article is well worth the read), we have some news too. It has been officially announced that both Thor and Captain America will be finished in 3D.


Perhaps in an attempt to stop us from wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing, they’ve also released a shot of Odin, Thor, and Loki!




 My thoughts below the cut, as usual!

 edit: There’s another image from this week’s EW article here!


On 3D:


Personally, I think 3D over Live Action is lame, but I’m not a 3D fan to begin with, mostly because I have to wear my regular glasses beneath the 3D glasses which is a less than ideal situation. I’ll more than likely seek these films out in 2D somewhere instead of going 3D first thing. If it blows my mind in 2D, I’ll consider going back for a 3D experience at a later date.  The LA Times article gives a great interview with the directors and the powers that be discussing why 3D is going to work out just fine for these films– most if not all the special effects have been planned in 3D from the start, for example– but I will reserve my own judgment until my viewing experience.


 On the Image:


After Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson, I said goodbye to my foolish hope that Hollywood will ever dress gods at home in anything but polished armor.  That said,I do hope they don’t give the Asgardians (Marvel’s word, not mine) that sparkle aura from Clash of the Titans on top of the unscuffed battle-ware. (And really, if any gods are going to have scarred up armor, it is going to be the Norse gods for sure. I get the impression that marks like that would be honorable. But, Hollywood has spoken.)


Anthony Hopkins looks like he’s pulling off Odin well enough– certainly he doesn’t look uncomfortable in his costume, but I’m not sure what he’s smiling about, all things considered. I really like what they did with Loki’s costume, because the comic book version always seemed like it was a little bit over the top to me. Putting Loki and gold, brown, and green is a great contrast to Thor’s black, silver, and red, and I REALLY like that Loki and Thor both take different elements from Odin’s chest plate for their own.


 I’m assuming that these three gods are standing in Asgard, but I’m going to hold off on any judgment in that regard until I get a better look at what they’re doing with the sets. Hopefully Comic-con will come through with some great sneak peaks for our viewing pleasure.