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Thor Trailer!

 It has leaked at last!  Spinoff has a great post with screen caps taken from the trailer here.  And it’s being taken down from websites almost as fast as it goes up, but this link might work (New still working link New New Still Working Link Portuguese website with working video!) to watch the trailer itself. Watch it while you can!   Fellow Thor Lovers, I have to admit that I am floored. I did not expect this movie to look as good as it does right now.  This trailer is long (five minutes), but it is full of goodness– Go watch it, and then come back and let us hear your thoughts! Love it or Hate it? Why or why not?  My thoughts are below the cut, as always. […]

Devolution 3.0

  When I first heard that Devo was going to release their first album in twenty years, I went a little nuts.  I headed straight for my bedroom closet and threw myself into the Nostalgia Vortex.  Why?  Well, with Devo back in action, I simply had to have my old fire engine red energy dome, […]

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Inception – A Kick in the Head

Science fiction to me (and to the immeasurable Orson Scott Card) isn’t just about space ships, aliens, and freakishly tall, forest-dwelling blue people who are [insert soft whimsical voice here] connected to all nature and animals and it to them in peace, harmony, and fluffy glitter bunnies.  Science fiction […]

A Whole Lot of New Thor

 Folks, we have a lot of new images being put out pre-Comic Con, and it is only going to get better on Saturday, from what I can tell. The ramp up for Thor is hard core. We have HIGH RES stills, including our first view of Loki WITH his horned helmet and a very golden throne room in Asgard. We have two of the warriors three. We have Comic-Con movie concept-art posters for Cap AND Thor. AND. AND we have Thor standing in the rain flexing every muscle on his body. Follow the links for the Better quality images at their sources! Let me begin with the poster art released by Marvel. It’ll be available at the Marvel booth at the con!   I dare you to look at that poster and tell me that this movie looks lame. Higher resolution image of the Hall of Asgard, a la LA Times, which came through for us again. The original release was print only, but they threw up the digital not long after. Incidentally, Russ Fischer at did a great job pulling out the details for us on this image for a close up of Loki, Frigga, Hogun and Fandral while Thor kneels before Zod Odin. also includes the original bootleg EW image of Thor and Odin in high res in that article, which can also be found on Marvel’s site. I’ll post a lower res of the Hall of Asgard image here, as a preview but definitely go get the full effect! (EDIT: YES WE HAVE HELMETS THANK YOU COMIC CON!)    The Money Shot and my thoughts below the cut! […]

Psst! Angelenos! Old-school Disney film festival incoming!

 Everyone not in Los Angeles can skip this.  Sorry.  This is the kind of thing that makes living in LA worthwhile.  […]

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Hold On There, Disney! The Real “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Revealed

 I’m not talking about Nicolas Cage’s latest bid for movie immortality as the sorcerer who gets together with a cookie cutter twenty-ish student with the intent to train said cookie as an apprentice.  Trailers and commercials might lead you to believe that the true origins of this tale lie in the 1940 film “Fantasia”. […]

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MOAR improbably-packaged foods!

 Has the novelty of the sushi Pez dispenser worn off?  Do you find yourself gazing listlessly into your pantry, hoping that more bizarre food packages might be on your shelf, examples of answers to questions nobody asked? Fear not!  We have methods of getting food into cans that would make our ancestors weep. The Candwich: a […]

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Have A Very Merry Apocalypse

 Have you ever wondered about rubber neckers? You know, the annoying drivers that slow down almost to a stop to gawk at a nasty auto accident? I think this scenario applies to a great many situations in human life. People are fascinated by the appalling. It’s an attraction-avoidance conflict in which attraction inevitably wins. Look at the tabloids. Yes, it’s cattle fodder, but it also sells. What have been the obsessions? “Al Gore Sex Attack”?  How long has the little beauty queen Jon Benet been dead, and she’s still moving magazines. For that matter, what of the Kennedys? There’s more said about them in death than in life. What other treats are presented to us? Diet tragedies and starvation stories, have mind-blowing sex but get closer to deity, beauties beat up by enraged spouses, and of course the constant kicker, the imminent end of the world. If we’re not living in an apocalypse culture, I can’t imagine what this is. In 1991, Feral House published Apocalypse Culture, a compendium of documents depicting the less savory side of our times. Included are “Latter-Day Lycanthropy: Battling for the Feral Soul of Man”, “The Unrepentant Necrophile”, “Frank Talk from a Psychopath”, “Aesthetic Terrorism”, “Schizophrenic Responses to a Mad World”, and “Long Live Death!” among many others. In 2000, in spite of the ardent determination of editor Adam Parfrey that Apocalypse Culture would never have a sequel, Feral House published Apocalypse Culture II, which is widely regarded as even more extreme than its predecessor.  What exactly are these books? More than anything, these are books of revelation–books that bring the twisted side of mankind to light for you to peruse, if you dare. These are the things the general media sweeps under the rug, the things people never discussed in a long ago day and age and still consider taboo.  […]

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New Thor Promo and News!

 My friends, we have some new imagery from Thor! Brought to us by Marvel and the LA Times (The LA Times article is well worth the read), we have some news too. It has been officially announced that both Thor and Captain America will be finished in 3D.  Perhaps in an attempt to stop us from wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing, they’ve also released a shot of Odin, Thor, and Loki!     My thoughts below the cut, as usual! edit: There’s another image from this week’s EW article here!  […]

Type O Negative Body Wash

 I was laughing so hard that I’d become a geyser of popcorn and Mountain Dew.You see, I’m what they call “low maintenance”. Yes, I wash regularly, thank you, but I don’t go in for all the goofy hair products and sealing waxes for extinguishing skin imperfections. I figure I am what I am and […]

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