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Geek Up Your Kids with this Superhero A-Z

Geekdom isn’t congenital–geek plus geek does not automatically equal geek. There are, however, many ways to encourage the kids to follow in your pencil-chignon Dalek loving shoes, starting with this ready-to-go superhero alphabet. Just don’t be surprised if, in a year or two, you’re met with an angry glare and some freaky adamantium action […]

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A Gamer Girl E-Zine?

 No, it’s not what it seems. I was extremely interested when the “D20 Girls Magazine Summer Sampler” showed up in my e-mail yesterday.   The text accompanying the e-zine sounded promising: Well, the highly anticipated D20 Girls Magazine is right around thecorner. But just cause we like to tease a bit. Here is a sample […]

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On The Set of Thor!

 Oh man, my friends! The dam has burst, and Thor media is flooding the internet! At the risk of this being the only thing I ever write about on GeekaChicas, I can’t imagine letting anyone else get the jump on sharing the latest with you loyal fans! (At least, it is my greatest hope that you will all come to love Thor as much as I do!) Just days after getting the nod about the Captain America and Thor movie logos, there’s more!  You can all imagine my excitement to hear that ET went on the set of Thor. And we have video!  My thoughts beneath the cut, as usual! […]

Ninth Fantastic Films Weekend: A Review and a Plea

   My friend Tony is a professional film geek: he runs film festivals. The big one is the Bradford International Film Festival. It’s the UK’s equivalent of Cannes, and it’s amazingly successful. Because he runs the BIFF, though, he also gets to be involved with the other film festivals run in Bradford: BAF, […]

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    Splice – Not a Fish Rabbit Human Frog Chicken Horror Movie

Splice – Not a Fish Rabbit Human Frog Chicken Horror Movie

 It’s a shame that Splice is being marketed the way it’s been.  Based on the trailers I’ve seen, it looks like a horror movie.  It’s not.  It’s actually fairly thought-provoking.  I enjoyed it, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was more than some freaky thing escaping from a lab and running around eating people. […]

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Thor Concept Art!

 Just the other day I was shaking my fists to the sky wondering why we were getting Concept Art for Captain America and not for Thor, when obviously Thor was coming out first! (Don’t get me started on the fact that the time for concept art was BEFORE the first image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor was released…) But thankfully, Marvel, or whoever is leaking something that looks like it could be the real deal, didn’t let me down! Yesterday these renders were released, in the exact same style as the Captain America art, and we got our first unofficial, and possibly (but probably not) false, images of Thor’s full costume and Mjolnir!   The photoshopping leaves something to be desired (I think this is like the uncanny valley phenomenon), but the overall look is great!  I’m really pleased with the way Chris Hemsworth looks as Thor so far and the only question I have left is this: Where the heck is his iconic and awesome helmet?! You know– the one that inspired this fabulous and incredible winter hat on etsy?  (Which, by the way, I’m dying to get for myself even though I no longer live in a place with real knit-hat-wearing winter weather.)  I can’t wait to see more real images, and if Marvel doesn’t give us a teaser trailer at Comic-con I might cry.  My thoughts on Captain America’s concept art beneath the cut! […]