……and I even tried to resist the urge to make comments about angry trees or “Vhat a tveest!”


That’s what an awesome date I am. 


 No, really!  I’ll prove it!


[Seven hours later, after tossing the glasses in the “KEEP 3D GREEN” bin]


 Huh.  That was pretty cool.  I wonder if they assigned someone to just stand next to M. Night Shyamalan to yell “NO!” every time he said, “Well, it might be totally unexpected if-“


I am not familiar with the series itself.  As previously stated, I don’t like to see the original or read the book prior to seeing the movie if possible because I’ll probably end up indignant on principle.  So this perspective isn’t comparing anything to the animated series.


It was a cool movie.  I will say that.  It was very entertaining, and it managed to intertwine a whole bunch of different plots without making me forget who was doing what and where.  However, part of the way it accomplished such a feat was by kinda making each of the elements controlled by different races.  So I did feel a little Captain Planet channeling in there.  ’cause that Avatar, he’s gonna help to put asunder bad guys who like to loot’n’plunder!




Oh.  Except this time, fire gets to be controlled by Indians instead of really annoying, loud-mouthed gingers.  Which makes me wonder if Shyamalan was just like, “Fire is so neat!  It’s my most favoritest evar!  Hey, if I make almost everybody from the Fire Nation Indian, I can totally have a cameo in here somewhere!”  Sure, he hasn’t had it yet, but…..you never know with that man.


 At any rate, the film did manage to capture a bit of that “epic” feel that, quite honestly, surprised me coming from….uh, that guy responsible for the creation of Angry Tree.


The colors were fantastic.  The special effects were very interesting, and the 3D was done just the way I like it; it adds to the film instead of being used to throw things at the audience to show off the technology.  According to those who have seen the series, a lot of depth is lost in the characterization, but to be honest, I think overall everyone did a pretty good job, although the two Water People were a little 2D (get it?  ’cause the movie’s in 3D.  Hah-hah, I’m so witty) despite spending every other scene in the middle of the action.


Of course, in this case, as in Clash of the Titans, the 3D was added after the fact.  So that’s just a personal preference on my part. 


The Fire Nation characters were pretty well developed, and the kid playing the actual Avatar….he’s good.  I’ll say that.  Props to you, Noah Ringer.  Hopefully he won’t end up pulling an Ed Furlong and trying to release lobsters into the wild of the grocery store during a drunken bender at the Piggly Wiggly in ten years.


 As for the uproar about the characters not being the right races, well…this is Paramount’s response:


“The movie has 23 credited speaking roles — more than half of which feature Asian and Pan Asian actors of Korean, Japanese and Indian decent. The filmmaker’s interpretation reflects the myriad qualities that have made this series a global phenomenon. We believe fans of the original and new audiences alike will respond positively once they see it.”


My personal opinion?  Well, first off, where was all this uproar when Memoirs of a Geisha came out?  Over half of those actors weren’t Japanese.  But hey, I guess Americans only care as long as they look like some kinda Asian.  I’m gonna blame this one on American film-bashers wanting a bone to pick and finding something they think they can turn into a hot-button issue.


I also think most people are either way too attached to the source material and want it all to be EXACTLY the same or just want another excuse to bash Shyamalan.  And hey, you know, I’d be the first in line if he’d given me a really good excuse.  But the guy did a decent job, and the complaints about the dialog?  It’s not “movie dialog.”  It’s “epic movie dialog.”  I mean, how stupid would a lot of the original Star Wars trilogy sound if you tried watching it for the first time like your average summer film right now? 


 At any rate, it managed to get me interested, and I no longer want to automatically dismiss anything with this director’s name on it.  I know I do have a tendency to look for the good in most films, but c’mon.  It’s interesting.  And I actually want there to be two more.  That’s definitely something.


(3.75 Chicas)