If you don’t get the reference in the title of this article, I confess, I pity you just a little. But never fear! It is never too late to get your geek on with the fabulousness that  is Futurama, an animated geekgasm of a show from the creator of The Simpsons. 

Home made Bender costume


Not only are Futurama fans geeky, but also devout enough to support the show after its cancellation by FOX, buy the DVD sets, and later, the movie DVDs.



Some of us even kept the flame of fannishness burning by constructing elaborate and freakishly detailed Bender costumes. (The photo to the left is an almost complete costume my own dear clan constructed — we did eventually complete the tri-fingered hand cups, and provide better attachment  of the bend-y limbs. In fact, this costume was a crowd favorite at Halloween costume contests. And although we never bothered to haul it out to Cons (It is unwieldy to transport and somewhat uncomfortable to wear. Yes, I’ve done it), Bender, being the party bot that he is, was recognized everywhere we took him. And frequently offered free beers.



After all that, the show is about to be resurrected on Comedy Central in an hour-long event tonight. Here’s a sneak peek at the first minute and a half :





[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwycV_sVo0k 560×340]

Will it still be awesome? That is a concern for those of us who stuck with the show through the mixed bag that was the series of movies. Some were great, some were dragged down by bits of concentrated un-funny.

I have to be honest, I was filled with joy from the opening image of Hypnotoad in “Rebirth.” It certainly didn’t disappoint. The second episode, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” has the most awesomely uncomfortable Zapp Brannigan scene I’ve ever seen (and if you’re familiar with Zapp, you know the bar for social discomfort/humiliation humor is pretty high). Without spoilers, I can only liken it to Sideshow Bob’s rake gag — it just keeps going and half the fun is wondering how far it will go.


If you’re behind on the Futurama goodness, Comedy Central has  a recap video that hits the high points, but fails somewhat in conveying the Funny. Don’t let that put you off. Futurama is well worth watching. Geeks with a background in SciFi entertainment tropes may find it a richer experience, but there is plenty of fun for the rest of you, too.