Evil, my 9 year old diva, has been a D&D player since she was 7.


This summer, she found out that I was running a level 17 Intro to Epic Campaign and she demanded in.


Fine, I told her.  Just  build your own character.


Up until this point, Papa (her Step-Dad) or I have made every character she’s played.  Sure, she rolls her own stats and can play the character, but she’s never generated a single character.


So, she sits down with the PHB 3.5, her dice, and a fresh character sheet.   I show her how each section of the character creation process ties in to a chapter in the PHB.  She whines.  She pleads.  She tries to bargain with both myself and her Papa.


No go.  So, she sighed, and began rolling her character.


Today, as I’m looking over her character sheet, I’m realizing I should have had more of a hand in the creation process.


She’s a Halfling… Paladin. 


I’m kind of scratching my head over that one, then I get to another section of the character sheet. 


Apparently she rides a dire bunny.  Yes… BUNNY.  She even drew a crayon picture of “Nancy”, her mount.


On top of that, she’s also carrying two very large weapons- a morning star (named “Twinkle”) and a battle axe (named “Unnatural Axe”).


Her garb?  It’s listed as standard garb, but under her description she writes it out that she is wearing a pair of pink bunny slippers and her armor is painted with hearts.




I suspect my world is in danger.  The creatures in it are going to laugh themselves to death.


That’s my Diva.