From time to time I lose my sense of humor.  (Or, so claims my husband.) 


I have to admit, during these times, I roll my eyes at even the most immature attempts of comedy. 


In retaliation to my request for another “meaningful chick flick” he pulled The Gamers: Dorkness Rising into our Netflix queue.  


Yeah.  Um… yeah.  I laughed my ass off.




Here’s what they say about it:

DeadGentlemen July 03, 2007“The Gamers: Dorkness Rising” is the feature-length follow-up to Dead Gentlemen Production’s award-winning short film “The Gamers.” Buy the DVD here and support more DG projects:…

All Lodge wants is for his gaming group to finish their adventure. Unfortunately, they’re more interested in seducing barmaids, mooning their enemies, and setting random villagers on fire. Desperate to rein in his players, Lodge injects two newbies into the distrust: a non-player character controlled by Lodge, who the power gamers immediately distrust, and the rarest gamer of all — a girl. Can the group overcome their bickering to save the kingdom, or will the evil necromancer Mort Kemnon triumph unopposed? A parody of fantasy films and the adventure gaming community, “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising” is a hilarious romp through the world of sword and sorcery — in this case, a world of exploding peasants, giant house cats, and undead roast turkeys. Game on!


I have to admit, initially I didn’t think I’d like the movie.  It looks as if a bunch of college students got together and filmed it with their Dad’s camcorder and then edited it on a Mac.  (There- I said it.  And I feel so ashamed.)


However, aside from the lack of high-end production quality, this film is HILARIOUS.  


The film follows a writer/DM (hey. I’m a writer and a DM!) named Lodge who has unsuccessfully run his group through the same module twice.  Out of sheer stubbornness, the group decides to run the game one more time- this time with a few new players added in.  However, the group has a bit of a reputation for being hard-core gamers and are only able to find one more player- a female who has never played D&D before.


The entire movie is a wonderful farce on the multiple levels of stereotyping that are common in the RPG world:


1) Gamers are awkward males

2) Female gamers don’t know what they’re doing

3) GMs have control issues and no first names

4) Everyone drinks Mountain Doom or Dr. Leper (which, looking at the table from last night’s game just might be accurate…)

5)  Late night games are always followed by a trip to Waffle House

and finally

6) That Bards really suck.


Overall- be certain this is one movie you put in your Netflix queue.  I’ve seen it twenty times now and can quote it, but it makes me laugh every time.