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I Gave M. Night Shyamalan Money for You

  ……and I even tried to resist the urge to make comments about angry trees or “Vhat a tveest!” That’s what an awesome date I am.   No, really!  I’ll prove it! [Seven hours later, after tossing the glasses in the “KEEP 3D GREEN” bin]  Huh.  That was pretty cool.  I wonder if they assigned someone to just stand next to M. Night Shyamalan to yell “NO!” every time he said, “Well, it might be totally unexpected if-” I am not familiar with the series itself.  As previously stated, I don’t like to see the original or read the book prior to seeing the movie if possible because I’ll probably end up indignant on principle.  So this perspective isn’t comparing anything to the animated series. It was a cool movie.  I will say that.  It was very entertaining, and it managed to intertwine a whole bunch of different plots without making me forget who was doing what and where.  However, part of the way it accomplished such a feat was by kinda making each of the elements controlled by different races.  So I did feel a little Captain Planet channeling in there.  ’cause that Avatar, he’s gonna help to put asunder bad guys who like to loot’n’plunder!  […]

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New web comic series “Jesse and the runt adventures”

 This is a new web comic series I’m working on, this first comic is called ” Love Is Blind ”  I’ve placed the slide show under the cut. Be prepared for a musical webcomic  slideshow! […]

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The Pink Shroud

Why yes. I do have an axe to grind.No, I haven’t been bitten in the ass by the snake of rejection. I do not think romance readers are stupid, sexually-frustrated lackwits with nothing better to do.  That being said… Here it is. Romance fiction is a billion dollar industry. Romance novels are the biggest selling thing in fiction today. So with all this money being spent and all these novels being written, they’ve got to be pretty good. Right? I, for one, have never trusted the mainstream. Too much like lemmings, and you know what lemmings do, don’t you? They follow the herd right off of cliffs to their watery doom. Romance novels are not my cup of tea. I like horror, science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction history. But I have read a few romance novels, mostly to broaden my own horizons (and to be able to justify my criticism). I’ll be hornswoggled if I can understand why they’re so popular. If you happen to like them, good for you. I don’t. But that’s just my opinion. If you think I’m mean, you should listen to the people I call my friends. I mentioned I was going to add a literary criticism of the romance novels I’ve read to La Chute. “The key word there is literary,” they said. “Romance novels aren’t literary!” Well, I’m not going to argue what’s literary and what’s not. Ever look into the display case at your local Baskin Robbins? Notice all the flavors? That’s how many differing opinions there are on what constitutes literary, and every one of them is valid. Like I said, I’m not getting into it. A friend of mine wrote and has published a hair-raising essay comparing the herd of romance readers with the Heaven’s Gate cultists, and cult theory in general.   Then there was the story of a woman asked to give some writing tips to the local chapter of Romance Writers of America. She wasn’t sure why.  The common joke in a local national scientific facility when coming upon someone enjoying a book is to say, “Is that some romance you’ve got there?”  Even one of our local used book shop owners (at least one) refuses to stock romance novels for fear of eroding the minds of the readers. Me, well, I think anything that pulls people away from the dross that is American television can’t be all bad. I have a lot of respect for the romance author who has worked so hard and put in so much research (so I hope, anyway) to create a book for the enjoyment of their readers. That’s a nice thing to do, when I think about it. But I don’t like them. Why? Well, here are a few of my reasons:  […]

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The Chicas’ Guide to Comic-Con: Year 2: The Sequelling

 Was it just last year that I was whinging about lack of female geek content at Comic-Con?  I’ll have to find something else to complain about, because THIS year we girls are rocking out with our X chromosomes out.  Thursday! Panel: Geek Girls Exist 5:30-6:30 PM, Room 8Geek girls’ meetup/tweetup at Jolt’n’Joes, […]

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Futurama: Good News, Everyone!

 If you don’t get the reference in the title of this article, I confess, I pity you just a little. But never fear! It is never too late to get your geek on with the fabulousness that  is Futurama, an animated geekgasm of a show from the creator of The Simpsons.   Not only are Futurama fans geeky, but also devout enough to support the show after its cancellation by FOX, buy the DVD sets, and later, the movie DVDs.  Some of us even kept the flame of fannishness burning by constructing elaborate and freakishly detailed Bender costumes. (The photo to the left is an almost complete costume my own dear clan constructed — we did eventually complete the tri-fingered hand cups, and provide better attachment  of the bend-y limbs. In fact, this costume was a crowd favorite at Halloween costume contests. And although we never bothered to haul it out to Cons (It is unwieldy to transport and somewhat uncomfortable to wear. Yes, I’ve done it), Bender, being the party bot that he is, was recognized everywhere we took him. And frequently offered free beers.    After all that, the show is about to be resurrected on Comedy Central in an hour-long event tonight. Here’s a sneak peek at the first minute and a half :    […]

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I’m Sailing Away

 Obligatory thoughts on Abby Sunderland, a.k.a. That 16-Year-Old What Set Out To Sail Around The World:  as so often happens, I’m of two minds and don’t know what to think.   On the one hand, I’m glad that she’s found herself a challenging hobby that she loves, and even gladder that she […]

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Character Creation Is Not for the Faint at Heart

 Evil, my 9 year old diva, has been a D&D player since she was 7. This summer, she found out that I was running a level 17 Intro to Epic Campaign and she demanded in. Fine, I told her.  Just  build your own character. Up until this point, Papa (her Step-Dad) or I have made every character […]

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Black Blade Blues–lesbian blacksmith, anyone?

 Black Blade Blues, by J. A. PittsWhen I skimmed the blurb for this book, I miscategorized it. I read that it was about a blacksmith named Sarah who winds up with a powerful magical sword, and I assumed it was traditional, secondary-world fantasy. But no! It’s urban fantasy, set in the modern world.For many […]

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God Bless Shatnerday

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Review: Dorkness Rising

 From time to time I lose my sense of humor.  (Or, so claims my husband.)   I have to admit, during these times, I roll my eyes at even the most immature attempts of comedy.  In retaliation to my request for another “meaningful chick flick” he pulled The Gamers: Dorkness Rising into our Netflix queue.   Yeah.  […]

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