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Thor Stills!

 My friends, if you do not know it by now, I am a fan of Thor. So imagine the level of geeking out that just took place in my home when I saw that the FIRST Thor still had been released of Chris Hemsworth in costume! Guys. This movie could make all my dreams come […]

Geek Dance Party – Ke$ha – Pearce-Sponsored GeekaChica

 I’m not kidding, my friends.  This lady’s got a lot in common with my own views.  Whether or not they have anything to do with geekdom is irrelevant at this point.  You know what IS important? If I mention a particular actor’s physical attractiveness, “objectify” him as one may say, I’m automatically told to stop behaving as a squealing fangirl. Would you like me to list the number of times male reviewers have discussed the eye-candy factor of female leads?  It’ll take quite some time. Oh, wait!  Men, in their infinite wisdom, have made it incredibly easy for me to point out their objectification of the opposite gender! Hottest Sci-Fi Girls  Sweet!  Now I can be lazier than ever in explaining to men why they should now shut the hell up about womenfolk discussing the finer physical points of their gender. Ke$ha herself, attitude about her music aside, states flat out that she uses her songs to turn men’s own attitudes against them.  See also: […]

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