Wherever I go, it is the question on everyone’s lips*:


“Nightsky! How’s the aperiodic quilt coming along?”


It will not surprise you to learn that it continues to grow… aperiodically.  From its humble beginnings as my something-to-do-in-line-at-Comic-Con handwork (a course of action I heartily recommend, by the way), it has grown to… well, see for yourself, in these exclusive crappy photos that I had to take with my cell phone camera because I am not 100% sure what I did with the real camera.


*n.b. This is not, technically, true. 

From this…


Nucleus of quilt: lozenges of blue and lozenges of gold peacock print are sewn together in an aperiodic tiling.


 … to THIS!



 The same quilt, now much bigger.

The individual pieces are 2″ to a side.  It’s growing all blobbily and haphazardly because I piece subunits and then join them together–I’m not sure that it’s the right way, but then again I’m not sure that there is a right way, and this seems to work OK.  I plan to continue work on it until I get bored or run out of fabric, whichever comes first.


For everyone going “aperiodic wtf?”, an aperiodic tiling of a plane is one that will never repeat, not even if you kept going infinitely.  Check out the works of Sir Roger Penrose, who discovered them in the Sixties.