I saw Iron Man 2 in IMAX.  Because it would be cruel to deny me that complete awesomeness.  Because it was an Iron Man movie, I also took advantage of the movie theater’s frozen Jack and Coke machine..


But with Iron Man 2 being released and with trailers including clips from Tony’s little “meeting” with the government becoming more frequent, I found myself focusing more on the “successfully privatized world peace” part than the explosions and mancandy.


Being a business geek kind of sucks, since most people in business aren’t quite rabid enough about it to geek out with me about things like market research statistics, and most other geeks just think I’m insane when I start ranting about things like numbers related to consumer behavior.


Trust me…the geekiness level can be a little scary.  Especially when the overt Stark sex appeal is considered.




For example, thanks to what I learned from my college advisor, if given the opportunity to have drinks with Tony Stark, I would immediately start picking his brain about Stark Industries.  I would want to be regaled with tales of how he totally pwned Lockheed Martin, and I’d want to throw random thoughts at him just to get a reaction and possibly useful advice.  I’d love to sit down and talk with him about rocking the corporate world and his “privatizing world peace” bit.


I’m not sure if I should be happy that good education  has ingrained itself so deeply in my person or sad that….well, I mean, Tony Stark and drinks….for most of the female persuasion, business strategy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.


Then again, it’s probably far more stimulating conversation than he would generally have over drinks with blonds.


Touche, Dr. Goolsby.


I’m not even sure I have a point to this little rant.  I definitely enjoyed the film.  It certainly had its drawbacks, though.  One of which is….the introduction of an eccentricity that just looked out of place.


“He doesn’t like to be handed things.”  What?  Where is this coming from?  While it’s true that Tony is modeled after Howard Hughes, who almost certainly had obsessive-compulsive disorder, there was no mention of these sort of quirks in the first movie.  I can offer several possible explanations, but I’m not sure I agree with any of them.


From an obsessive-compulsive standpoint, the quirk makes sense.  And in the first movie, he was drinking and womanizing, both of which are methods of self-medication.  Overall, he was clearly under more stress in the second film.  Stress causes obsessive-compulsive symptoms to become much stronger.  The compulsions become more difficult to resist or conceal.  In theory, he could have been under so much stress in the second film that his disorder began to rise to the surface…but in my opinion, that would only make sense if it had been at least hinted at in the first film.  On top of that, Tony purchases strawberries from a street-side vendor, which does seem a bit counter-intuitive if he is indeed being troubled by obsessions or compulsive behavior.


Speaking of the first film, the man spends months trapped in a cave fearing for his life.  There’s some stress for you.  And yet…no quirks?  No spike in compulsive behavior?  If the movie was trying to subtly suggest that Tony’s stress had increased by adding “he doesn’t like to be handed things” in Iron Man 2, SOMETHING should have been obvious at least during his captivity, if nothing else.  He didn’t have access to women or alcohol, so self-medication wasn’t really an option.  But still….nothing in his behavior suggested the issues shown in the second film.


I could buy Tony’s “eccentricities” becoming aggravated by his situation in Iron Man 2, but only if they’d been mentioned a bit more clearly in the preceding film.


 Still, it’s a good movie.  It’s fun.  Things blow up.  Mickey Rourke has a really bad grill.  Sam Rockwell makes you want to kill him with your bare hands.  Samuel L. MF’in Jackson is Samuel L. MF’in Jackson.  Ms. JohannssIcannotspellhername shows a surprising talent for fight scenes.  And, as should be no surprise to anyone, hot Tony Stark is hot.


Go see it.  Go see it in IMAX.  Have fun.  But try to ignore the fact that Tony suddenly doesn’t like to be handed things.