I got heated up this weekend  with the new law that allows police to racial profile latinos or any illegal immigrant , and  search them for papers. A lot of republicans are calling this the steps to protect America. Protect America from what? immigrants aren’t to blame for the U.S Goverment down fall. 


Jan Brewer claims this will only target people they arrest for a crime. Well, that means they can pull over anyone who spits on the floor, or throws a bubblegum wrapper on the ground, who just looks plain old tan. Arizona wants other States to take it’s lead, they claim this will make more jobs and put money back into our pockets. Hey, I know someone who said that too, his name was Adolf Hitler.


 Ms.Jan Bewer, you may say you’re not pro-hate, but when you start arresting people out of the blue, taking them from their homes and off the streets without warning, you and everyone from your party are the creators of hate and neo-nazism. Call it whatever you want, helping your people, thinking of America, the truth is that you are just putting the old racist seed back into the future generation.


Have we as a nation sunk so low, that now people like Jan Brewer and the Tea Party look to blame innocent people just to save their own hides. We fell into a hole because of greedy fat cats that sold out the poor as they always do. Banks who robbed people blind each day. How can you stand there Jan Brewer and lie to the people who put you in office a lot of them Latinos. Don’t sugar code Hate with ” God Bless America “


 I don’t want this issue to go unheard, because all it takes is one State and before you know it hate and racism will be back like baseball and apple pie. Don’t let this happen people, we can not sit by and just hope everything will be okay. This is not the time to be Republican or Democrat, not when something as this is out there. Are we willing to let the times of segregation return? This is a country that is founded on:


Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free


 Tweet, post, call, do what you must to get this bill over turned. We have the power to change this. Thank you for your time.