Today I wanted to shine the light on some very cool artists on Twitter, two of them might not be widely known, but you can bet they will be in the near future. And one of them has even written for the movie industry.



  Cynthia-  ( zoogirltoo )

Her Blog:


Her daily tweets can be called poetic and up lifting. Everything she writes just jumps off the pages. Cynthia is a big promoter of the Luvbabyluv ( and I think I owe her $200 for using that ) which she says and preaches on a daily basis. I’ve read her work and I’m sure that she will be a future N.Y Time Bestseller. If you haven’t followed Cynthia by now, you really should. One amazing tweet that also helps promote the indie artist on the net. A very cool friend to have.



    Josh-  ( )




Harsh, honest ,blunt, to the freaking point. All the makings of a fantastic film critic, and that’s what Josh brings to the table. This kid lives and breaths film, and if you ever want to talk shop with him, he’ll box a few rounds with you. ( I STILL SAY DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION SHOULD HAVE WON AN OSCAR, JOSH) no, I am kidding, that movie was crap.


I’m glad to see these new breed of critics out there, working hard giving their two cents on what’s what. I won’t be surprise to see this kid on T.V soon weighing in on the next big thing. Give Josh a follow and lend him your support.



     Karen Walton –  ( )


GINGER SNAPS!!!!! I love that movie, and I have to thank this great mind for writing the script to it. If you don’t know by now, Ms. Karen Walton is out there on twitter, she’s talking it up and giving her two cents on anything on her mind. She loves her hockey too, so I will give out a shout out to her HABS, beat the Washington Captails!



I know some of you Geekachicas might be saying ” what about my twitter page! ” That’s for another article 😉 I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I shall spread the love. But,  I hope you the readers  follow these new recommend tweets, they’re all great individuals that bring their special spark onto the net and your life. Until next time, stay safe.