I have to admit that even though I cried when David Tennant held out his hand and said “I don’t want to go” on New Year’s Day, I’ve been really looking forward to my first glimpse of “New New Who”.   I’ve missed Doctor Who and it’s a great feeling to have a full season ahead of us complete with monsters and catch-phrase-y story arcs.


Part of me feels disloyal for being so excited.  You all know how much I adore David.   He loved being the Doctor so much and I always appreciate how hot he is sweet he is to his fans.  I traveled across the ocean to see him play Hamlet in 2008.  He signed my postcard at the stage door and I squeed with joy.  I’m just a wee bit of a fan girl where he is concerned.


And yet…and yet, I was ready for his turn as the Doctor to end.  Ten’s story took two years to wind down.  For me, it was a rather torturous resolution because we went with him on that journey and it was hard to watch him suffer through it.   I was sad when he finally regenerated, but I was also a little relieved.  I knew I would miss David and his brilliance in that role, but it was definitely time for the FUN to come back.


I saw the first episode of Series 5 after it aired in the U.K. last Saturday night and I can say that the fun is definitely back.   Woohoo!



As most of you know, the credits for this season are crammed with new names including those of the actors, the writers, the production team, and Stephen Moffat, who is the head writer and executive producer.  He’s written episodes (and won awards for) the show before, but this is the first time he stands at the helm.  I’ve enjoyed a lot of Moffat’s twisty and terrifying episodes over the past 5 years and I can only imagine what he will do with an entire season arc.  I’m actually kind of giddy with anticipation. 


I was also a bit nervous.  The news over the past few months made it seem like Moffat changed everything.  The TARDIS.  The logo.  The theme music.


Well, after seeing his first episode, it’s clear that he did change everything.  And I loved it, despite the mild pangs of disloyalty.   It’s great to be reminded that Doctor Who has always been a great show in its own right.  This first episode made me feel lucky that such a spunky, funny show even exists!


As the episode starts and we see the familiar view of Earth from space, Matt Smith is literally flung from the crashing TARDIS into his very first crazy fast-paced and funny adventure as Doctor Number Eleven.  But it’s when we cut to the title theme and intro that it’s clear we’re not in Kansas anymore.  Aside from being so good, this episode is special because we get to know a new Doctor, and we get to know him within the setting of what almost seems like a brand new show. 


I think this is why my brain is so willing to embrace all the new stuff from the very beginning.   It’s like this is ‘New Who Version Two’, or a really awesome sequel to a great movie I love.  I’m not mad at it for not being the same.  I’m just so excited that it is still going strong.


BBC America will run all new episodes of Doctor Who two weeks after they air in the U.K.  Catch The Eleventh Hour and see what all the fuss is about on April 17th at 8/7c.


What what? you say, No review of the actual Doctor?  Is he a good Doctor?  Is he crazy?  Too normal?  Is the bow tie thing really going to work?  Did he say ‘Geronimo’ enough to make you want to throw up?  Is he as awesome as Ten?  All good questions.  My first reactions are very enthusiastic, but I’m withholding my full analysis until I can get to know him a little better.  However, I’d love to hear your opinion.  Speak up in the comments and let me know what you thought of the first episode!