Note:  These are quick, post-movie first impressions.  I may or may not write a full, in-depth review (with spoilers), but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what you’re in for if you’ve been looking forward to this film.



If you’re looking for cinematic eye candy this weekend, you could certainly do worse than Clash of the Titans.  Story and script aside, this is the first movie I’ve seen where the 3D effects are for the most part fairly subtle.  There aren’t any blatantly obvious things flying at the faces of the audience, as was used gratuitously in the Final Destination.  The atmosphere was handled well, too.



 In addition, the cast is kinda cool.  In explaining it to you, I must warn you of these facts:




  • I can generally only recognize faces by specific features, be it the shape of a jawline, cheekbones, eyes, whatever.
  • I am horrible with names.  Therefore, I usually refer to people by some other identifier.


Sam Worthington – He does a good job as a sympathetic [insert character type here] with a heart of gold.  He’s got a Boy Scout quality that threw me off a little  as far as his performance in this film was concerned.


Liam Effing Neeson – Need I say more?


Voldemort – He does a very good job as an antagonist, particularly to Liam Neeson.  The two of them played off one another very well.


That Chick from Quantum of Solace – Her character doesn’t do too much.  She mostly exists as an expository device to remind us about mythology.


Grown-Up Jack from Chronicles of Riddick – Her character doesn’t do much either, although she does spend some quality time being hung up by the wrists a la King Kong.


The Casino Royale Villain – His former role distracted me from his new character.  That and his very distinctive lip/nose combo.  I still expected him to pull some sort of crazy villain stunt.


Alexander Siddig/Siddig El Fadil – Dr. Bashir, who made my list of teenage crushes, has a grand total of  like two lines.


 Assorted Other Men – These guys pretty much fill in as cookie-cutter comic relief.  They reminded me a little of that pair of pirates in a row boat in Pirates of the Caribbean, minus the wooden eye.


Random Gods – There are way too many of them, and most of them don’t have lines and are on screen for about three seconds. 


At any rate, while the acting was overall good, most of the characters weren’t fleshed out in the least, which kind of makes the quality of performance a moot point.  The movie is hollow, as generally is the case when too many cookie-cutter characters are thrown into…well, anything.  Clash of the Titans is visually pretty entertaining, and as I said, I do think others could learn a lot about how to use 3D effects by seeing how this film handled them.


I also think the Pan’s Labrynth guy needs to come up with a different kind of creepy creature.  That Thing That Has Eyes in its Hands is…well, I’ll be honest; it’s getting kinda old.




While not as stellar as I’d hoped, it’s an entertaining film.  Go see it, but don’t expect to be blown away by anything.