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To Jan Brewer

  I got heated up this weekend  with the new law that allows police to racial profile latinos or any illegal immigrant , and  search them for papers. A lot of republicans are calling this the steps to protect America. Protect America from what? immigrants aren’t to blame for the U.S Goverment down fall.  Jan Brewer claims this […]

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Doctors with Dalek Bumps: Femme Doctors

 It was love at first sight.  Friday morning at Gallifrey One 2010, and I met one squirrelyTONKS, who had dressed up as the Fifth Doctor.  But not just any Fifth Doctor: the Fifth Doctor if he were a woman.  Recognizable as the costume Peter Davison wore from 1981 to 1984, but with the frock coat cut to come in a bit more at the waist, and the trousers replaced by a cute little Catholic-schoolgirl-style skirt worn over red knee-highs (Davison wore red socks with his costume, though they were rarely seen).  Instead of a Panama hat with a red hatband, she had a red headband tied into a bow. (n.b. All names are LiveJournal handles unless otherwise specified.) […]

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Tweets To Follow On Twitter

 Today I wanted to shine the light on some very cool artists on Twitter, two of them might not be widely known, but you can bet they will be in the near future. And one of them has even written for the movie industry.    Cynthia-  ( zoogirltoo )Her Blog: Her daily tweets can be called poetic […]

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Jumanji for Grown-Ups: Side Effects Include Death

 Despite the bad reviews I’d read, I decided to see the Black Waters of Echo’s Pond.  I find that what I like in horror movies is often a lot different from what’s mentioned by other reviewers, and I thought the premise sounded kind of neat.   The film is about a group of 20-somethings who decide to spend a weekend at their friend’s house on an island in Maine.  They find a weird board game, and hey, why not play it, right?  After all, they’re there to spend time with each other and reconnect as a group, and they want to do more than sit around and watch TV, smoke pot, and get drunk. […]

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Spock Will Ask Spock to Appear in Next Trek Film

  Yup.  It appears that Zachary Quinto wants Leonard Nimoy in JJ Abrams’ sequel to the series re-boot…which might start filming at the end of this year.  Sweet.  Live long and prosper, guys. And now, for your Spock-a-licious delectation, here’s a double Spock interview:  

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Citizens Rejoice – Doctor Who is Back!

I have to admit that even though I cried when David Tennant held out his hand and said “I don’t want to go” on New Year’s Day, I’ve been really looking forward to my first glimpse of “New New Who”.   I’ve missed Doctor Who and it’s a great feeling to have a full season ahead of […]

The Essential Thor: Another Geeky Norse Mythology Moment

 I’ve been working with the character of Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning, for years. Years of research and reading and false starts and conversations in the dark with the ceiling that resulted in terrible stories and drafts while I struggled to pinpoint what was there. Years of trying to understand what was at the heart of this god, who was so loved by his people, honored even in many ways above Odin the All-Father. Loved so much, even now, that he was re-imagined and transported into the medium of the comic book for the modern world. Thor, who we will soon be over-saturated by, in the quest for world domination and movie marketing schemes. Hollywood always knows how to run a good man into the ground. But for myself, I’m hoping they do him justice, because after years of trying to find the answer of this god’s character, this god’s essence, this god’s spirit within the scraps of mythology we’re given, he became my most favorite of all mythological heroes. (Theseus may be coming in at a close second, but don’t tell Thor. I think he’d be hurt, after all our time together.)  I think that there was a very good reason that Thor was the preferred god of the everyman, and I don’t think that it was because he was stupid, or because he was always getting into brawls and slaughtering giants, or because he was often drunk on mead and loved to feast with the best of us. I don’t even think it was because he cross-dressed, although Mimzy tells that story better than I’ve ever heard it before. I think the reason Thor was so beloved was because he always helped his people. Thor was the god that could be depended on, no matter what had happened, to go out and do what had to be done– whether that was beating down on Loki, or killing off giants, or drinking a ton of mead, or dressing up as a woman. Thor was intensely loyal, unwavering, and good.  That’s not to say he couldn’t be led off track every so often. Loki makes this perfectly clear in all the stories where they travel together to accomplish some task, or just for the sake of getting out and about. Perhaps Thor is trusting to a fault. Certainly he doesn’t seem to take to deception very easily when he’s forced to employ its arts. He’s not at all like Loki in that way. He’d much rather bust down the door and employ a frontal assault, even if he can’t win. And that in itself is something admirable, too– it’s one of the things that I, as a woman, have always respected in those men who also share that characteristic. The men who throw their punches and then shake it off, and buy one another a drink afterward. […]

Quick Thoughts on Clash of the Titans (Spoiler Free!)

 Note:  These are quick, post-movie first impressions.  I may or may not write a full, in-depth review (with spoilers), but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what you’re in for if you’ve been looking forward to this film.    If you’re looking for cinematic eye candy this weekend, you could certainly do worse than Clash of the Titans.  Story and script aside, this is the first movie I’ve seen where the 3D effects are for the most part fairly subtle.  There aren’t any blatantly obvious things flying at the faces of the audience, as was used gratuitously in the Final Destination.  The atmosphere was handled well, too.   In addition, the cast is kinda cool.  In explaining it to you, I must warn you of these facts:   […]

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