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Boring Oscars and the Best Movie Trailer Ever!

It’s probably not good to admit this, but last Sunday evening found me on my couch watching the Hollywood crowd spend zillions of dollars to pat themselves on the back for their mad movie-making skillz.  Other people call it the Academy Awards.  Even though the show is shallow, useless, and outdated, I always look forward to watching the […]

Timmy O’Riley by L. Hadron and the Colliders

 Naturally, many of us here at GeekaChicas appreciate online purveyors of Geek  accoutrements such as ThinkGeek. They have all kinds of cool stuff, and I love ogling their catalog (when I can pry it out of the hands of my offspring and Beloved).  Even so, every now and then something comes along that surpasses […]

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Google v. Italy

  Round Two   As of last week, three Google executives were found guilty of violating privacy laws in Milan, Italy.  The case hasn’t gotten too much attention, but it might shape the way international and Internet laws are handled in the near future. Apparently, a video of Italian students bullying an autistic child ended up on Google in 2006.  Italian police let Google know, and the company removed the content.  Google also says that it did what it could to help police identify those who were shown in the video as well as the individual who uploaded it.  The result?  The uploader and other students were sentenced to 10 months of community service. The Italian courts then indicted four executives from Google for defamation and violation of privacy laws.  Three of the four were found guilty of violation of privacy, and all four were found not guilty of defamation.  […]

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G1 Means Big Fun

 Regular readers of this space may recall me waxing rhapsodic about Gallifrey One last summer, and now another Gally has come and gone.G1, for those who don’t know, is Los Angeles’ annual Doctor Who convention, usually held on President’s Day weekend*, and it is more fun than several barrels of monkeys.  Though it’s grown dramatically (doubling in size in the past 3 years), it’s still a fairly small con, with around 1500 attendees, and has (so far) managed to hang onto its “family” feel.Details below cut.  […]

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Why Geeks Love OKGo

 Obviously, it’s the viral videos. It all started about four years ago, when the made their first YouTube music video in the back yard. The song is called A Million Ways:  Of course, they didn’t really go viral until the utterly famous treadmill dance for Here it Goes Again:  What made that the one that got […]

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State of the Butt Address

 Well, it’s been a while since I began my Butt-Toning Sneakers Experiment, so I figured I’d give an update. I’ve been wearing the sneakers pretty much….anywhere that is sneaker-appropriate.  Thanks to my lifestyle, sneakers are appropriate about 90% of the time.  The arch support is amazing, and they actually helped me improve my balance.  I’m a […]

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Is Apple Making Us Stupid?

 “Mac is for pussies that want their computers to just plug in and work.Windows is for people that want to curse out their computers on a regular basis.Linux is for people that want to make their computers their lifemates.”  ~Unknown tech supportWay back when I was just a lowly undergrad learning about 1’s and 0’s, I remember reading a tech article about how everybody would be a programmer by 2010.  They would have to, technology was getting more and more complex and the end user would have to keep up or be left behind.  It put a little quail of fear deep in my stomach.  Was my chosen field about to become obsolete?   Did I once again manage to find something uber cool right on the tail-end of it’s ride?  Actually I had, but it wasn’t the end I was expecting.  I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a newly minted Bachelor of Science in Business in Management of Information Systems in June of 2001.  Yes, that’s right, a year after the dot com bust.  In the intervening years I’ve avidly watched for the dreaded obsolescence.  Thankfully, I work for the Federal Government where obsolescence is unheard of.  Still, I look around wondering where all the regular user programmers are and what happened to them.  My answer?  Apple killed them dead.Now before all you Apple fangirls start sharpening your pitchforks, here me out.  Apple makes a beautiful product.  It’s simple, it’s easy, it just works.  There is very little worry about virii, malware, all of the things that Windows users have to worry about and Linux users send to the Windows users to get them to switch.  It’s a great product for those that can’t be hassled to learn about the piece of technology that is slowly encroaching on every aspect their life.  The problem with that, is there is a larger and larger population that suddenly can’t even figure out how to install a piece of software if it doesn’t come from an app store. […]

Oops! Our Bad!

 I must preface this piece with the following, as it is quite well-deserved:  Timothy Olyphant, you are amazing.  You look so different in every single film, and you get into each part so well that I often don’t even realize you’re playing the (super hot) protagonist until I run to IMDB.  You are a fantastic actor, and I applaud you.  Oh, and I must reiterate the utter and complete hotness.  Seriously.  You are unbelievably hot.  Call me. I was looking forward to seeing The Crazies for a long, long time.  For those not already aware, this incarnation of the film is actually a remake of a version released in 1973.  It’s been moved from Pennsylvania to Iowa, but it is, in fact, a remake.The Crazies is about how incredibly stupid and incompetent the government can be.    Semi-spoilers may follow. Politics aside, the government manages to royally screw up the transportation of a biological weapon (for which it apparently royally screwed up the creation of a vaccine or a treatment).  It then proceeds to screw up its incredibly stupid transportation fiasco.     For the benefit of humanity, I had a research chemist put together a “how-to” manual for secret government programs that unleash diseases on their own populations because they apparently hire complete idiots.  I call it “Biowarfare Oopsies for Dummies.”  Content is his.  Photos added by me.  […]

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Goyer To Write Superman Reboot!

   BREAKING NEWS!!! It’s been confirmed, yesterday D.C has struck a deal with writer David Goyer to helm the script for the reboot of the next Superman movie titled ” Man Of Steel ” According to Variety, Goyer pitched a more high action packed script including villains like  Lex Luthor and Brainica, making this a non origin […]

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