Today I wanted to shine the light on one of music’s most hypnotic group in the late 60’s that  could be called the first Alternative/hard rock band. Their rhythm is narcotic and lead singer “Joe Yamanaka”s  voice just wraps you into a whirlwind  of ecstasy. 


The Flower Travellin’ Band formed in the late 60’s by Yuya Uchida who sought to bring a new age of music to his homeland. The band’s original name was  the Yuya Uchida and the Flowers, but that quickly changed. Uchida recruited  Chiba Hiroshi and Remi Aso  who were the vocals for his band, but they soon departed the group after the first album to move overseas. This left Uchida to reorganize the foundation. 


 Thus Uchida  brought in Joe Yamanaka from 491, an artist he knew that would be the perfect element to explore a new musical direction.  The group soon  released  one of the best albums that should be placed on the top 5 of the music industry list ” SATORI “


I heard this band for the first time when I was 18 and they just blew my mind away and they still do to this day. Today I wanted to pay homage to the Flower Travellin’ Band, one that is overdue. It’s a band like this that keeps rock truly alive in one’s heart.



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