It’s become very apparent that Facebook has become a great source of Social Status for today’s Internet users. That is, Facebook has become society.  


I noticed one day a friend’s relationship status had gone from “in a relationship” to “single” and several of her friends commented on the change, and I knew then society had changed. No longer do we wait to hear something direct from a friend or relative, we just need to log on to Facebook and it’s all there in the News Feed. Whether it’s a couple breaking up, a couple getting together, or someone becoming friends with someone else. As for couples getting together, it’s become very clear in today’s Internet society that you’re not REALLY together, unless it says so on Facebook. But as soon as that status changes people jump all over it to comment, whether good or bad.
If you are looking to join a group for something, you look on Facebook. If you’re interested in a sport or sports team, you go to Facebook. Events are all planned on Facebook with people getting invites. And if you didn’t get an invite, you feel hurt. And Birthdays, well, I only happen to remember so many because of the little convienent reminder which takes me directly to their wall to post Happy Birthday!
And if you don’t have Facebook, well, you’re pretty much shunned. What do you mean you’re not on there? How will you ever know that Beth is attending the store’s grand opening, or if Michelle and Paul break up? We’ve given up calling friends, and moved on to texting with our cell phones, and now, we don’t even bother with that most of the time. Wanna know what your friend is up to tonight? Well, just check her Facebook status and see, or look at what events she’s said she is attending. Simple as that. Why even bother talking to people at all?
I have been part of events where the people involved had no clue what was going on, because they weren’t on Facebook, and the others running it couldn’t be bothered to even just email people the details. It was posted on Facebook and if you didn’t see it or didn’t have Facebook, oh well.
It was bad enough when Facebook first came out, when everyone was trying to out do each other with the number of friends they had. Now, that’s no longer where it ends. Mad at your friend and want her to know she upset you? Well, just remove her from your friends list. Did you dump your dirtbag of a boyfriend and want people to know? Well, just change your relationship status to single. Easy. Hell, you don’t even need to directly break up with someone, you can just change your status to single and let them firgure it out.

I admit, I’m guilty of having a Facebook account and checking it a few times a day, but I also don’t post every detail of my life to the point that people know when I leave for work in the morning. And I don’t use it as a weapon in the social war with friends. I think that’s where we lose touch with the REAL society.
People need to actually talk to eachother, to find out info. Or at least, go back to texting and emailing directly.