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Seeing is Better than Believing

 Let me show you something that is really, really awesome. “Adspecs” have been in the planning stages for a couple of years, but the word is now getting out about them, and they’re such a cool idea that it makes me proud to be human. Here’s a quick video that explains what they are: Adspecs […]

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How to Locate the Geeky Male Vascular Organ

 Love is in the air this time of year, and even the die-hard single-by-choice geeky gals tend to glance around like zombies on the search for “Braaaa-ains!” What’s a single gal with geek-cred to do – short of tranq-ing a man and tying him up?   In an effort to help advance the propagation of  geeks inheriting the planet, I wandered into the kitchen and interrupted a Wednesday night Deadlands game to interrogate the male populace sitting at my dining room table.   They tolerated it because a) it’s my kitchen and b) my geek-mate and his friends know that my permission to play his beloved RPGs can (and will) be revoked if any “sass” is given to me.  (Don’t worry, I have things he has to approve as well before I can play RPGs on my nights.  We really do work well together.) This is the list they came up with of things that they’d love females to consider when chasing them:  […]

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Standing on my Last Nerve

  There’s been a bit of a brouhaha regarding Some of the Super Bowl commercials, it seems. Well, since I live in New Orleans, the commercials have hardly been at the top of my list of things to think about. The Saints are our superheroes these days, and no one within a hundred miles of […]

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Women in Horror: Tananarive Due

It’s  Women in Horror month on the Interwebs, and we at GC are here to say that we’ve traced the calls, and they’re coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE! Wait, sorry; got the cue cards mixed up.Anyway.  When our trusty leader UberWench asked for suggestions on notable women in horror, my reaction was “Shit, THAT’s […]

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More from Muppet Studio

 Ever wonder how poor Beaker would fare in YouTube comments? Well now we don’t have to wonder any more! Yes, I am totally addicted to the new Muppet vids on YouTube. Sue me.   

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The Ultimate Word Problem Nightmare

  Humanity was wiped out 10 years ago, and 2, 4, and 5 were dragged off by a giant brain machine traveling northeast at 75 kilometers per hour.  If 9 and 7 are running from a beast machine traveling north at 85 kilometers per hour, at what time will 1 realize that being a pansy is not the answer and that 6 can help 9 find the Misguided Scientist’s fractured mind to save humanity by making it rain split pieces of soul on them hoes?  (20 pts.) I enjoyed the Tim-Burton-produced 9, which managed to be original and free of the “Look!  I’m Tim Burton!  Watch me play ‘art!'”  At the same time, I couldn’t help but stare blankly at the rolling credits with the aforementioned final exam question of doom floating through my head.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are apparently non-existent, at first, the setting of 9 appears to have been spawned by Terminator:  Salvation.  After a bit of convenient exposition, however, the viewer is told that the “Brain” machine that started the mess was originally intended to be intelligent and to build new versions of itself for “peace.”  Unfortunately for humanity, what can only be described as a poorly-veiled version of Hitler decided to use the Brain for world domination.  Politics and science of course equaled disaster, and presumably not-Hitler and his ilk were wiped out after placing all the blame on Misguided Scientist.  The movie was visually fantastic and quite entertaining, if a bit confusing.  The DVD did make the original short film available, and the original idea was changed a bit too much in the translation to full-length film, in my opinion.  (SPOILERS FOLLOW)  […]

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Super Bowl Sunday

 Here’s some geeky fun to mark the occasion:  This is a big day for me, personally. My family wasn’t huge about football (never having lived in a city with a team for very long — Army brats) but we always watched the Super Bowl. Now I’m in my new city and they’re in the Super […]

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There’s a Fluffy Bunny in Need, and You Can Help

  Those of you who havebeen around here for a bit maybe acquainted with our resident purveyor of snarky movie recaps, Fluffy Bunny.  You may not know that Fluffy (otherwise known as Lisa), besides having a great wit and writing for us here, makes her living as a self-employed artist. She is based in Orlando, […]

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Will Publishing Companies Survive the ebook Revolution?

  If you’re not up to date on the Macmillan/Amazon kerfuffle, go read John Scalzi’s hilarious rant on the subject. It summarizes what happened pretty well. I spent my software career working in electronic publishing, which gives me some perspective on this situation. I’ve been out of the industry for a while, so much of my knowledge is out of date. However, I have a good overall sense of the business. This kerfuffle has led me to think some more about the future of the publishing industry, and what role companies like Macmillan (traditional publishers) are likely to play in it. Question #1, What is a publisher’s value-add? Before I look at that, I have to answer question #2, Why do we care about a publisher’s value-add? We, and by we I mean readers, care because we pay for that value-add. When I buy a traditionally published book, I am paying 3 different entities, not counting middlemen. A percentage of my money goes to the retailer (e.g.,, Barnes & Noble), another percentage goes to the publisher (e.g. Macmillan, Random House), and another percentage goes to the author. While I don’t know exact numbers, my impression is that the retailer gets the largest share, followed by the publisher, followed by the author.  Here I have to bring in self-publishing, because it’s my belief that self-publishing and the growing ebook market are very closely related, in that as ebooks replace paper, self-publishing will become more viable, and it represents a threat to traditional publishing. When people self-publish, they cut out the publisher’s percentage of the take, because there is no publisher. The take is split between the retailer and the author. The author has a choice of pricing his book the same as a traditionally published book and taking a larger cut for himself, or using the savings to undercut the market and price his book lower.  Given the financial advantages of self-publishing, why do most authors opt not to do it? Because having a traditional publisher is well worth it. The publisher provides value-add.  What’s the publisher’s value-add? […]

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Awesomest Doctor Who Companion Poll: Results

 It should come as a surprise to no one that companions from the Doctor Who reboot (2005 to present) took the highest places in our poll, because the earlier Who iterations are no longer being regularly broadcast. It seems the original series has been relegated to the purview of  die hard Who enthusiasts and pre-Eccleston purists. (As hard as it may be to believe, I know at least two people personally for whom there never will be a Doctor after Tom Baker.  Baker was the Doctor of my childhood – mostly due to a ten-year lag that used to exist between shows airing on the BBC and the same shows entering the US airwaves – so I have a great sympathy for them. However, they’ve missed some great stuff, especially lately.) I urge all of you new Who enthusiasts to check out the old show on Netflix. Yes, sometimes the sets wobble and the Daleks are thwarted by stairs, but the show transcended its trappings. If it had not, there would not have been a reboot. Pinky swear.  Now that I’ve had nearly a month to heal the blow to my heart that was The End of Time, and it is time to face up to the end of Ten as well as the end of our  Who Companion poll. *sniffle* Thanks to all who voted! Here’s the final tally:  […]

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