My sister just sent me this.


Promotional picture of a Barbie. She is wearing glasses with pink plastic frames, and is wearing a top decorated with zeroes and ones (and glitter) and a fitted jacket over that. In the crook of her right arm is a pink laptop whose screen is displaying rows of zeroes and ones.

 See Barbie.  See Barbie hack.


Yes, everyone’s favorite 12″ fashion doll has become a computer engineer!


I… uh… wow.  My usual objections to Barbie are swept away by the awesomeness that is the mere notion of a Computer Geek Barbie. Those rockin’ pink specs are just extra icing on that cake.


 The link says that this was the first of Barbie’s professions chosen by popular vote, though they don’t say who was doing the voting. If it was the girls, that’s extra awesome.


ETA: You will not be disappointed to learn that the binary on Barbie’s computer works out to (what else?) “BarbieBarbie”.