I was out of the game, but with this latest news I had to come back. Someone needs to filter the truth from the lies.


*Cue the heroic music *



( Real news turned into lies! )


News broke a few days back that David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan are ready to write the script to the next Batman movie, with Christopher Nolan coming back to direct the third installment of the trilogy. With this a wave of sites began to claim that they had the scoop into the next film.



( Who started it? )


Comicbookmovie.com was the first to proclaim it had a source simply known as ” TT ” inside Warner Brothers who saw the story outline for the next film. In it was plans to introduce Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Dr.Fries (A.K.A Mr. Freeze) Penguin and that’s not all, there’s even plans to mention Lex Luthor. DC way to tie in Batman and Superman. ( It’s fan fiction gone wrong !!!)



( Debunked rumor 1: Robin )


If you’ve followed the Batman franchise and read my last article, you know Nolan and Bale are anti-Robin. Meaning all you Robin lovers will just have to wait until Nolan steps down as director to see the boy wonder.



( Debunked rumor 2: Barbara Gordon )


Barbara Gordon, SHE CAME OUT IN THE LAST FILM, she played James Gordon’s wife. If they meant Batgirl, well, that just won’t happen. Seeing how this is an early telling of Batman. (so off with the head of this rumor )



( Debunked Rumor 3: Superman & Batman )


We know Christopher Nolan will take on the role of Godfather as DC prepares to hammer out the next Superman film. They want Nolan to pass his wisdom on to the team that takes on the Superman reboot. BUT, the notion that Nolan would hint to Lex Luthor in this next film is highly doubtful. It doesn’t fit into the realism of the past two films. I guarantee you DC  will save the crossover reference for the next film or the reboot of the series.



( Debunked rumor 4: Penguin and Freeze )


Penguin isn’t Nolan’s cup of tea and the same goes for Mr.Freeze. We’ve seen Nolan tackle characters that are believable, none of these seem to fit the bill. 



( An End To The Madness )


The news going around is 100% BS! How do I know this, because so many other sites are claiming to have a source, and some of these rumors are old ones rehashed. Let’s not forget, Goyer and Nolan haven’t even finished or started writing the script. A lot of bloggers and sites are jumping the gun on this. Take these rumors spreading around the web as a fan boy/girl fan fiction to the next movie.





Geekachicas readers you have nothing to fear, I plan to hunt down the latest news and bring you solid information on the next Batman film. And if I had to guess when we’ll see some real news, I’d say on July, August or September. If anything concrete comes out before that, I’ll make sure to break It here at the GC. You can call me your Batman to the film ( minus the fighting or cool gadgets… But I do have pogs! )