Here we are at the heart of the true Geek spirit, the Internet. What tends to distinguish geeks from the rest of the general population is our desire to learn things and know stuff when no one is forcing us to do so.  But how that spirit finds expression in the vastness of the Internet is another matter entirely.


It is often, as they say in ‘net vernacular, kind of wack. Odd. I’m always excited to find new bits of engaging entertainment on the ‘net that are also subversively informative. No one is forcing anyone to learn about the things they really need to know to make their way in the world, but it’s out there, if you can find it, and a lot of the stuff produced by geeksmanages to be both smart and fun.


So, in that spirit, here is the awesome, relatively new video from EconStories on Youtube (via BoingBoing):


[video: 480×285]


I hope they do more of these!