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Marvel’s Thor, Volumes 1 and 2

 I’m a sucker for comic books.I love the art. I love the story telling. I love the combination of art and story telling. I love that they use art to tell a story just as much as they use dialogue and narration. And I love bulked up superheroes, flawed and perfect. I love that we’ve taken the richness of classical myth, and recreated it for our modern world in a way that people who would never otherwise pick up a book on the topic can find meaning. The reinvention of myth and even the reinvention of what it means to be a hero. I love it all.Lately, I’ve been taken in by the relaunch of Marvel’s Thor title. It started innocently enough. I’ve always been fascinated by mythology, pantheons, and the cultures that worshipped them were always my favorite part of history classes. I took a class on Norse Mythology in college, in fact. It’s impossible to ignore the influence of the Scandinavian people, and their heritage when you live in North Dakota for any extended period of time– but I’m pretty sure my love for Norse Myths, and Thor in particular, came before I fell into that Midwestern (and I say it lovingly) black hole.The Thor title in its previous incarnations (588 issues? really?) never attracted my attention, though. For one thing, it wasn’t until my teens that I cultivated any real independent taste for comic books that wasn’t influenced by my older brother, and for another, it’s a little bit hard to jump into those titles when they’re on issue 500 and counting, and you have no idea what the heck is going on. In my opinion, this is the number one problem with the big titles, today. Superman, Spiderman, X-men, Avengers– you almost have to know the entire history, as well as read every other title in the universe to have a context for the story in the issue you picked up off the rack, but that’s another post altogether.  But I was totally blown away by Ultimate Thor– that is, Thor as he appeared within the Ultimates 1 & 2 titles (3 was a catastrophe that I’ve been trying to repress). The idea of turning Thor into a hippy conservationist using his powers to try to save the planet, ecologically, while boozing it up with his fellow activists was so alarmingly different, so incredibly unique a take, that I couldn’t resist. Who can say no to a thundergod smiting a whaling ship with a bolt of lightning? Not only that, but this incarnation of Thor didn’t feel at all compelled to speak awkwardly in the third person with outdated language! I was hooked! So naturally, in my casual stroll through the graphic novels section of the bookstore, when I happened across volume one of this new title in trade paperback form back in August of ’08, I had to pick it up. Why not, I thought? I had a long train ride ahead of me to go visit my sister, and some reading material was in order. But once I read the first couple of pages, that was it. Marvel had me. Again. Just when I had given up on them because of that horrible Ultimates 3 fiasco. Here was a Thor I could respect! And more importantly, a story that treated him as more than a musclebound oaf. […]

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The iPad: My Personal Smorgasbord of Frustration

 The iPad seems, on the face of it, like it would be ideal for someone like me – someone who is less than super tech savvy. It is a sexy piece of technology. It’s beautiful, functional and it has hipster cachet.  But it’s also horribly, deliberately crippled.   […]

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Sam Neill’s Bloodthirsty Corporation

 I was excited about Daybreakers the moment the first trailer began. When I saw that Sam Neill was one of the actors, I was bouncing up and down in my seat. I absolutely love Sam Neill; he stars in one of my favorite film of all time (In the Mouth of Madness).While Lionsgate didn’t give nearly enough support to Repo! The Genetic Opera, I give them kudos for taking part in this film. Daybreakers takes the vampire concept and takes an entirely different look at it. The vampires have all of the traditional hallmarks – mercifully, there is no sparkling or vampire baseball.  […]

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From the Mailbag: A Dissenting Opinion on Dollhouse

 Here at GC, we’re never happier than when our readers engage us in conversation. No, really. I have always enjoyed being challenged. If no one bothers to question our assumptions, how can we grow? When I went through the “Why is the sky blue?” phase, my family actively encouraged me to ask more questions.  (I’m a parent now, and I’ve got to tell you, I have more respect for my folks every day.) So, I find it actively enjoyable to discuss points of interest in the articles I write. (This is a different thing entirely from trollishness, which amounts to “[insert noun/pronoun] sucks” or the YouTube version,  “shut up and show your boobies.” Those, while amusing in their own way (Ha, HA! Inarticulate boy is inarticulate!) are not really engaging.) So it was with great delight that I sorted through the mailbag to find the following letter from Mark Warren, a Whedon fan and writer of fanfiction, who had a few bones to pick with my recent article, Dollhouse: Did I Fall Asleep?  Mr. Warren was kind enough to let me share his letter with GeekaChicas readers. It is presented here with some serious formatting issues I could not fix, though I tried. (Our site software has some issues with the text, though it looks fine when we go in to our WYSIWYG editor.)   There are more spoilers than in my original article beyond this point. […]

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The Precedent of Dual-Fatherhood, and Jesus

 Remember that show, My Two Dads?Not really an original theme. For instance: Theseus has two fathers. And he isn’t the only Greek (and when I say Greek, I also mean Roman) Hero suffering from a redundancy of dads.To understand this, maybe I need to go into the philosophy a little bit. You see, back in the day, men in their infinite wisdom (a la Aristotle) operated under the common misconception that women really weren’t more than just an oven. The sperm did all the work of making a baby, and the wife contributed little if nothing at all to the resulting offspring, other than providing the space for incubation. Semen was the provider of all…well, they didn’t really consider it genetic material then, so lets say life-forming matter or spirit. As a result of this understanding if a woman had intercourse with two men in the same day, or the same night, the child born was believed to be a mix of those two men–fathered by both.In Greek Myth and History we see the Dual-Dad syndrome in children born of the gods, pretty exclusively as far as I know, which is convenient because it relieves them of the burden of being illegitimate heirs. I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure what the lot of an illegitimate child was, but the fact that the children are labeled as such in works like The Iliad leads me to believe that they were probably not given the privileges of their legitimate brothers and sisters. Certainly Hera had no love for Zeus’s bastard children, and legitimacy seems at the very least to be required of one who will inherit any kind of land, wealth, or kingdom. […]

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Sarcasm Punctuation Mark: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

 Most of you probably don’t know that my day job used to be copy editing. Basically, people paid me to make sure their important documents didn’t accidentally make them look like morons to people with a decent grasp of grammar and punctuation. I worked on a contract basis, and I found it rather surprising […]

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From Watson to Holmes, With Love…

 Due to the delightful laxity of my mother as a censor, I became acquainted very early in life with a great variety of “adult” literature (no, not that kind of adult…geez!  get your minds out of the gutter people!).  I think, however, it was not my own inquisitive mind that led me first to […]

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Creepy/Cool Bag Monsters

 I just had to share with you the awesomeness that is artist Joshua Allen Harris’ street art Bag Monsters. They are haunting and kinda creepy, brought to you by the same vagaries of air pressure that famously lifted Marilyn Monroe’s skirt in The Seven Year Itch.  They’re really fascinating to watch as they grow […]

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The Next Batman Film

Let’s show some love for today’s Guest Blogger, Jessenovels from JESSEnovels, and welcome him to the lofty state of Honorary Chicahood. (He’s already got the geek thing down.) ~ The Management It’s no surprise that I’m a huge Batman fanatic, and with this coming year my mind jumps to one thing, THE NEXT FILM. So, […]

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Anybody Wanna Go In With Me on This?

 Space shuttles are for sale, people.  And as sad as I am that the shuttle program is ending, I’m also curious to see where NASA is going to go with their next program. Unfortunately, I’m a little short of the $28.8 million price tag as far as my personal funds are concerned.  Wanna split one?   […]

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