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The Geeky Girl’s Guide to Gifts for Gastronomes

 The holiday season is upon us, and we all know what that means:  finding gifts for those on our lists that are particularly difficult to buy for. Below are five suggestions sure to be a hit with the foodies on your social networking friend’s list.  1) Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home:    For the […]

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Show Us Your Teeth.

 Friends, readers, “haterz” (to quote Chris Brown), and other denizens of the Internet, we have a problem.  And it’s a very annoying problem for those of us who do put time and thought into what we write here.  If you have an issue with something we’ve written, say so.  If you want to challenge facts  or […]

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Sexism and ScFi: The Withering Laugh

 Some weeks ago, we had a spasm of reactionary posting here at GeekaChicas, all related to a blog post whining about “wimmin in ur syfy, puttin’ frilly petticoats on ur manly mens.” We had a lot of fun with it, as did many other bloggers and genre writers.  I stand behind everything the GC bloggers said at that time – women have always been a big part of SciFi and science, though they have been often enough subjected to the Invisibility Gaze of their male counterparts.  I’ve had some time to reflect upon the episode, and various intervening bits of news have given me some perspective. I’m the sort of person who sometimes has to boil ideas on the back-burner for a bit, and see what floats to the top. This time, I ended up thinking about something that happened a long time ago.  When I was a youngster, I would often take long walks in the evenings, up and down the roads near the rural home where my family finally settled after my father retired from military service. It was a lovely place – rolling hills, mountains in the distance and fragrant apple orchards nearby. Sometimes in the fall, I would go a bit farther than I had planned, and get caught out in the failing light.  One night, when I was still a quarter mile or so from home and the sparse streetlights had come on, someone stepped out of the trees in front of me.  With his pants down.   […]

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Behold: ECOGATE!

 So you know how everyone from Al Gore to Leonardo DiCaprio has been telling us we’re all gonna die for having massive carbon footprints?  And you know how we’ve been subjected to this drivel for years upon years whilst they zoom about in private jets to meet up in exotic cities for conferences instead of telecommuting to help save the earth?  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  there are billions to be made by “going green.”  That’s no exaggeration.  Many people are willing to pay out the nose for something that seems more eco-friendly.  Don’t even get me started on the concept of eliminating incandescent bulbs.  Yes, there are (limited) options besides CFLs as alternatives, but CFLs cause severe headaches in a significant portion of the population.  Would Obamacare like to provide me with some Vicodin for hugging some trees?     Guess what?  […]

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A Geeky Norse Mythology Moment

 One of the things I love about Norse Mythology, is that it’s so piecemeal. That seems kind of a weird thing to say, but just stay with me for a minute.What we have of Norse Mythology are remnants passed down through oral tradition, and not put down on paper until after 1100AD (as late as 1200-1300 in some cases), in the Eddas and sagas. We have no written record before this time, and the dates are not exactly during the Viking glory days, but more toward the end of the era. These facts were not the only serious factors which influenced these sagas and stories about the gods as they were finally written.For starters, one of our greatest sources for Norse Mythology was written by Snorri Sturluson (around 1200 AD). He’s attributed with writing the Prose Edda which contains a very coherent account of the Norse gods, the creation of the(ir) world, and its destruction. But Snorri himself is clearly looking at the stories of the gods which he’s transcribing as MYTHS surrounding actual men who may have lived, not as truths of living gods. Not to say that he was wrong, but this context is certainly something that should be taken into account when reading. Snorri’s Christian viewpoint may certainly have corrupted the stories, even if the fact that he was writing about them on the way out, didn’t. This Euhemerization of the gods is not unique just to Snorri’s transcription of the Norse gods, either. Why? Because the year was 1200 Anno Domini and Christianity had become pervasive. The Christian worldview of One True God was impossible to avoid completely. We have to take into account, when reading these sources, that either the writers of the Sagas were influenced by Christianity themselves, as believers, or that in order to justify and preserve the mythology they believed, they had to make it fit inside the Christian world, by making the gods into men, instead of immortals and creators with power in their own right. (And the fact that the gods are sustained only by Golden Apples, and not their own power, could be seen as evidence of this too–Are these Golden Apples stolen power from another God? from THE God?) […]

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ADHD and Me

So I wanted to write a little bit about how my brain works and my thought process. First off, I have ADHD. I’ve had it all my life, and if I was in elementary school now I would have been put on Ritalin very fast. I talked so much that in Grade 3 I sat […]

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Rammstein/Cookie Monster Duet

 In this time of good cheer and crazy stress, I takes my LOLs where I can get them. Here’s a little gem that had me giggling beverages out my nose: And if you ever had any doubt what a lovely* language German is, then you must be unacquainted with Rammstein. Just check this out:   *Written English […]

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I’m Gonna Sing the Doom Song Now!

 Well, 2012 has hit theaters, and by now I’m sure half the world is spazzing out over whether or not John Cusack and everyone else is going to die when the Mayan calendar runs out.  Because “THE MAYANS WARNED US!”  Okay, the Mayans did caution us about something (maybe), but fiery apocalypse of doom bears absolutely no resemblance to that something.  The Mayan Long Count calendar (they kept more than one) ends on 12/21/12.  For some reason, everyone assumes that the reason the Mayans stopped there is because the world will also end, so there’s really no point in continuing a calendar after that date.  After all, they’d spent all that time mapping out the days until this arbitrary number, and clearly they didn’t just get bored with this project and decide to all go sacrifice some hearts on pyramids instead.   Here’s what the Mayans actually thought, as far as we can figure out:  […]

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Neutra Face

 Here’s an absolutely awesome send-up of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, complete with hot, dancing boy nerds. Hope it sends you into the weekend with a smile on your face. Certainly did the trick for me!  

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New Moon – A Condensed Film Parody, Part III

 After a harrowing (and amusing) journey through Part I and Part II, so begins the conclusion to this parody of New Moon.  We find Bella and Alice traveling to Italy in order to keep Edward from exposing himself in the public square.  A monumental task, indeed…. AIRPLANE MONTAGEBELLA and ALICE catch a plane to Italy. Using her awesome vampire powers, ALICE tells BELLA what’s going on with EDWARD as they nervously wait. ALICE (v.o. in her ESPN voice): Aaaand Edward’s making his way across the courtyard to visit the Volturi. THIS is a guy that’s been seriously depressed for a few months and now he’s just HAD it and is going to put it ALL ON THE LINE. It’s definitely a suicide move and—Wait! He seems to be reconsidering!!…and now he’s shaking his HEAD! It looks like he’s decided that Bella isn’t WORTH it and he’s going to get some PIzza!! BELLA: What?! AUDIENCE: (starts waving their foam fingers and air horns) WOOO! Now that’s the stuff!! ALICE: That was a close call, people! Edward, in jersey number zero, almost risked his enTIRE vampire career on a whiny little—hold on, folks! It LOOKS like there are pangs of guilt. BELLA: (mutters) Hmph. ALICE: Edward stops in his tracks and … OH I DON’T BELIEVE IT! He’s turning back! HE’S TURNING BACK! The crowd goes wild!!! AUDIENCE: (throws stuff on the field) BOOOOO! Come ON!!! BELLA: Hey, shut up! ALICE: You’re witnessing history here, people! (hushes her announcer voice) And now he arrives at the moment of truth, the stadium is silent. He makes the play… EDWARD: (to the VOLTURI) Would you please kill me by violent dismemberment? My girlfriend is dead and even though I managed to live 100 years without her just fine, I’m totally ready to CEASE this existence without her. She was the only girl I’ve ever met who willingly took all my crap and still wanted me around. *sniffle* The VOLTURI consult one another in hushed tones, all without leaving the comfort of their medieval torture chamber thrones. ARO ‘THE BOSS’ VOLTURI: Yeah…no. Not gonna happen. You’re a pretty awesome vampire and we don’t want to decrease the ranks. We have to be here to … um… sit in these awesome chairs, so we need you out there doing the publicity and supermarket openings and stuff like that. You know how it is.  ALICE : Oooooh and he’s deNIED! Sad luck for our MVP here at the match today! BELLA: Alice, shut up with the Bob Costas.  AUDIENCE: What does MVP stand for? (laughter) I know! Misogynistic Vampirey Pri— […]

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