Looking for something other than the traditional Star Wars holiday ornament from Hallmark? Check out this list for the Star Wars fan in your family.


To my intense dismay, Macy’s seems to have stopped selling the awesome Boba Fett Hoodie, and the Rebel Pilot Hoodie, but you can still pick up a Clone Trooper, Darth Maul, Classic Storm Trooper, or Darth Vader. The Boba Fett and the Rebel X-wing Pilot are still available from shopecko, but you’ll pay a premium price for them. These hoodies strike me as the perfect gift for the college-aged Star Wars fan, but anyone else who can’t be parted from their hooded sweatshirt and is proud to show off their love of the franchise will be thrilled to have one!


In the same price range, you can purchase the Taun-Taun Sleeping Bag for a younger Star Wars lover. It’s big enough for an older fan, as well, but it would probably go over best with someone in the ages 9-12 bracket. Old enough not to be terrified, young enough to appreciate and make use of it. 


Another great gift for your younger (8 and up) Star Wars fan is the Dagobah Frog Habitat from ThinkGeek. Seriously, if they’re going to keep amphibians, they may as well do it in style. It even comes with a Yoda figurine to teach your froggy friend to use the force for good. Or to mind trick said child into remembering to feed him…


For the friend who still angsts over Special Edition, give them the gift of a shirt that says it for them: Han DID shoot first.


A little bit on the pricey side, but a great conversation piece at a party that needs a trash bin for recyclables, or a helpful hint to your slovenly Star Wars loving friend, the R2-D2 trash can might be just the thing. Sick of your roommate leaving his garbage around the apartment/basement/dorm? Maybe giving them R2 will teach them to love cleaning up after themselves. 


And of course, the greatest gift you can give a non-star wars fan, is the opportunity to watch the movies! Amazon offers the Original Trilogy in a three pack for a pretty good price–25.99 (subject to change) means you get free super saver shipping, too. 


 Unfortunately the Build Your Own Lightsaber Kit doesn’t seem to have the same availability it did last year, but you can still get your hands on a micro-light saber of a handy almost keychain size for your trips into places with inadequate lighting.


If none of these items strike your fancy, head over to the Star Wars Shop, or ThinkGeek for a broad selection of Star Wars items to meet your every need!