The Holiday Season is upon us.  As the decorations come out and the food is prepared, there are a few things to remember when it comes to that special furry person in your life:


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas


There are a surprising number of holiday plants that are poisonous to animals.  Two of the worst dog and hollyare poinsettias and holly.  Both can cause diarrhea, coma and death.  Not exactly the way anyone wants to spend the holidays.  Another plant common in homes is mistletoe which can also cause heartbreak and tears instead of fun and excitement this holiday season.  If you still want plants, because why not they’ve been know to boost moods and make everything festive, think about getting a pet friendly bouquet from or get silk or plastic plants.

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Who doesn’t have stories of cats and Christmas trees?  I know I do and my two don’t even climb it.  Cats especially, love the bright, shiny and it’s important to remember a few things.  First?  Dude, take it Puppies and tinselfrom me and put only the ornaments you never want to see again on the bottom of the tree.  Cats and dogs, love to investigate and aren’t above making just about anything into a toy.  In the same vein, careful with the breakable ornaments as when they break they could cut little paws that are investigating what just happened.  Tinsel is another thing to be careful of, especially if you have cats.  They love batting around and carrying they’re toys and tinsel can get stuck in their throats and intestines.  Always watch the tree to make sure your little darlings haven’t decided to use it as a ladder.


kitty checking out dinner

Sugarplums and Candycanes

Pretty much everybody knows not to give our furry loved ones chocolate or anything sweetened with xylitol.  Of course, that doesn’t stop dogs and cats a like from finding ways to eat what they shouldn’t.  The most surprising was onions, chives and garlic.  Things that are found in just about everything.  Now before you panic, especially if you see it on your animal’s food, this is a cumulative thing.  The tiny amount that’s found in pet food won’t do harm, but you should try and avoid giving them table scraps.  I know, trust me, it’s hard to say no when you have a very determined cat between you and the fork, determined to say I can haz dat, rite?  

In the long run, it’s better to have them abstain.

Though it’s been said, many times many ways…

One last piece of advice.  Don’t step on your ferret.  It always ends badly.

Happy Holidays!