This article was written in late November, but due to issues around the holiday was not able to be published before the end of the month.Darth Sweetums emerged victorious from NaNoWriMo, and we are proud of her and of all our Chicas who completed that mammoth task. ~ The Management


I am taking a break from my life-consuming NaNoWriMo because I feel it is necessary for this information to be sent out as far as it can reach, so we can get a good mix of opinions on it, and let those with the power know what we, the fans, want.  I also happen to be on my lunch break at work where I cannot work on my NaNo, so there you go.


Generally, I would like to think that I’ve attended many nerdy/geeky things.  I’ve been to the midnight release of the seventh Harry Potter novel wearing a Gryffindor scarf, my HP glasses, and a lightning shaped scar drawn on my forehead.  I’ve been to an Orson Scott Card book signing. (Seriously, the man is simply a brilliant teddy bear.)   On the more extreme side of things, I came from the north west of the United States over to Stratford upon Avon in England to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  (You talk to me, I tell you about it some time. *grin*)


I’ve also gone up to Seattle Washington to see Howard Shore conduct his music (badly) from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.  Most recently as a birthday present for me, my sister and two friends took me to Star Wars In Concert when they were in Portland last month.  (I LOVE you Anthony Daniels!)  I kept trying to count the lightsabers in the audience.  There were quite a few. 


A couple of weeks ago, I got to talking with Beatrice Blythe about what other franchises should hold a touring concert with music from the movies, the television show, or whatever.  They’ve even done it with Doctor Who in Cardiff a couple of years ago.  So what are we missing?  Hm? 


Star Trek!  That’s what we’re missing!  It dawned on me during my conversation with B.B. that of course, the producers of Star Trek should put on a concert featuring the themes and music from the shows and the films!  I honestly would weep because I was basically brought up on ST, especially The Next Generation.  I’ve seen all the movies, I’ve learned to play some of the themes on the piano, and I wouldn’t even question stalking Brent Spiner if the opportunity presented itself!


A week or so after talking with B.B. about this, she sent me an e-mail with a link saying that someone had apparently read my mind. 


A Star Trek Concert Tour @


The post discusses whether or not a Trek concert tour would attract an audience as the Star Wars concert did, and it is very much on the positive side.  Yes, a concert tour from the Trek universe would definitely attract a large audience!  The themes from the films are so diverse, and unique to the stories –


If you read the article you can see where and why it lost me.  Yes, the films are important.  In some instances the music is the only good thing in a Star Trek film. (Yes, I’m a huge fan, but I’m not delusional.  Oh, Star Trek V!  Why didst thou forsake me?) But I could not believe the author of this article did not even think that the themes from the original television shows should be addressed at such a concert.


Yes, I’d probably be happy with a concert featuring the themes from the films, but what makes Star Trek different is that it started on television first and foremost.  That is where the long time Trekkers came from in the first place.  Who would have understood the full story to The Wrath of Khan or First Contact without the television episodes that spawned those original characters and plot lines?   I rest my case.


A Star Trek concert tour would be phenomenal.  I would be one of the first people in line at the box office.  But, performing the music of Star Trek without the television show themes in there would be a mistake in my opinion.


First, let us hope that there will be a concert tour in the near future.  Hopefully, the thought that the original television show themes being present in the concert’s program will have entered the brains of said producers, because it is such an obvious thing.  Wouldn’t you agree?


Peace and Long Life my fellow fan friends.