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My New Year’s Resolutions

 In 2010, I resolve to no longer engage in arguments such as “Can you imagine what the media reaction would be, if a member of The Other Political Party had done this?” with the implication that the media would have just crucified one of Our Guys and therefore is biased in favor of The […]

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What’s Avatar Missing?

 FernGully With Guns James Cameron’s Avatar is missing one very, very crucial element.  An element without which the film can never be made whole.     FernGully was an integral part of my childhood.  Most of us remember that film, right?  A lumber worker is accidentally shrunk to the size of one of the rain forest’s fairies, and he learns all about their culture, develops a thing for the fairy hottie, and decides that slashing down trees is bad.  Sounds sort of familiar when considering this latest CGI-laden flick, doesn’t it?  And is there anything wrong with that?  No, not really.  I’m sure Avatar has plenty of unique elements to offer aside from increased violence and the natives’ upgrading from using leaves as skateboards.  It’s nice to have the idea of a more “grown up” version of the story, and the timing of this film’s release is particularly interesting from a generational perspective, especially when considering the long-term trends found in cinema. I can even live with the lack of a psychotic lab bat, although he was always my favorite. Still, something’s missing.   […]

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Some Holiday Cheer

 Happy Holidays, everyone! Here are some fun little things to give you a smile.  First, from the Rebel Viral Team, we have Jack Bauer interrogating Santa Claus:  Now, torture is no laughing matter, but outrage hasn’t worked all that well to combat it, so I figure satire is the next best thing.   Next, here’s a […]

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In Case You Need Instructions on How to Jingle Bell Rock

 Aside from the Rifftrax guys’ ubiquitous Christmas carol version of “Pokerface,” there is an entire album you must purchase for great lulz this holiday season.   Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas My rating? (Four Chicas)   Okay, I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but even if you don’t (and there are plenty of people who don’t), there’s a good chance you’ll find this album hilarious.  Especially those who’ve had just a little too much stress to handle.  They have some pretty fantastic, if not family-friendly lyrics.   The tracks and my favorite lines are as follows (be warned that by clicking “Read more,” you will likely be amused, scandalized, and/or insulted):  […]

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    Inexpensive last-minute gifts for the book-lover or game-lover on your list

Inexpensive last-minute gifts for the book-lover or game-lover on your list

 Looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers? Try these geek-tested choices: For teenagers and adults, The Hunger Games and its sequel Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. These may be the most intense books you ever read. They’re set in a dystopian future America. A teenaged girl named Katniss is randomly selected to participate in an annual […]

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Gifts for the Geeky Traveler

 I travel a lot for work.  I’ve gone from Washington DC to Wisconsin to Kolkata, India.  I can and have lived out of a suitcase for 6 months.  When you travel like I do, you learn quickly that the are some serious essentials.  If you’ve got a travel geek on your Christmas list, here […]

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Give a Little Girl Power

 Throughout most of history women generally have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men. Wife-hood and motherhood were regarded as a woman’s most significant professions. Historically, women have been considered intellectually inferior to men.  […]

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Wholiday gifts for Whovians

 I first encountered Doctor Who as a wee slip of a girl, but as I was not 100% sure that I hadn’t hallucinated it*, it probably doesn’t count.  I encountered it again much later–after college, even–and recognized in it a union of my lifelong love for SF and the love of camp I’d developed as a teen.  After years of watching MST3K and feeling faintly guilty when I liked one of the movies, I discovered in Doctor Who a show where not only was it OK to laugh at the bad parts while still being inspired by the good parts, it was encouraged. And lo! after years in the wilderness, Doctor Who is cool again.  Chances are good that you, O reader, know a fan, and are perhaps wondering what sort of gift would elicit the Squee of Joy and not the Oh How Very Nice of Meh.  We don’t know that, but you could do worse than to surprise her with one of our specially-selected treats–read on for details! (Images mostly from the Doctor Who Image Archive) […]

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Furry Friends and Happy Holidays

 The Holiday Season is upon us.  As the decorations come out and the food is prepared, there are a few things to remember when it comes to that special furry person in your life:  Have a Holly Jolly Christmas There are a surprising number of holiday plants that are poisonous to animals.  Two of […]

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Gift Ideas For The Star Wars Lover

 Looking for something other than the traditional Star Wars holiday ornament from Hallmark? Check out this list for the Star Wars fan in your family.  To my intense dismay, Macy’s seems to have stopped selling the awesome Boba Fett Hoodie, and the Rebel Pilot Hoodie, but you can still pick up a Clone Trooper, […]

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