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A Letter From Helen not-yet-of Troy

 Before National Novel Writing Month began, I like others, was doing some research and preparation for my project– a new look at the myths around the Trojan War, and a reinterpretation of Helen and her early life. In an excess of excitement, and the compulsion to purge some of the research I had done and turn it into creative energy, I started writing letters. I’m a far cry from Ovid and his Heroides, but at least there was a precedent.The letters helped me to get my head into Helen’s and feel out the other characters that I would be playing with in this new book, before the adrenaline rush of NaNoWriMo. The exercise was so much fun that I didn’t really want to stop, and I expect I’ll be doing quite a few of them before the month is out. They won’t appear in the manuscript itself, but I thought they would be a fun sneak peak behind the scenes of the story for you GeekaChicas readers!This first letter is from Helen (age 12) to her brother, Pollux. Helen and Pollux are both children of Zeus resulting from his rape of Leda as a swan. (Really.) For more information on the sources and the mythology of the Trojan War, feel free to take a look at my blog. I have a lot of helpful links to primary sources in the sidebar, and discussions of most of them in my recent posts.  […]

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‘Cause I’m a Blond (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)

   When I was in graduate school, I wrote a paper concerning the effects of height in business and leadership as a whole.  People who are taller than average are more likely to be thought of as “responsible, mature, and intelligent.”  They’re more likely to be promoted and given raises than those of below average stature.  I thought that was an interesting fact, considering I’ve been of significantly above average height since I was aboutt twelve years old.  For those who don’t know, I’m twenty-four, thin, blue-eyed, blond, and about six feet tall.     […]

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