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Sarah-Jane Smith: Feminist Icon for Kids

We at GeekaChicas are very proud to have the lovely miss_s_b  guest blogging here about a subject near and dear to many a Geek Femme. Check out her award-winning blog here. My daughter is a geek. This is no real surprise, given that she’s my daughter, but at six years old, she is a fully-fledged, […]

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Rex is Not Your Lawyer. He’s MY lawyer.

 I promise I’m not paid by NBC to pimp their stuff.  They just happen to be doing things lately that make me grin.  Yeah, they shafted their entire Law & Order franchise, replacing it in its lucrative timeslot with the Big-Chinned Anti-Funny (BCAF for short).  But they did order a full season of Community.  30 […]

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Geek of the Week: Michelle Khine, Ph.D., DIY Genius

 Shrinky-Dinks, I love to make them shrink!  How terrific is this?  Freshly-minted UC Merced professor Michelle Khine was in a bind. Her area of research was microfluidics–an emerging field that, from the sound of it, is like a cross between electrical engineering, chemistry, and steampunk–but she was missing a chip fabricator, a rather important […]

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The GeekaChica Halloween Photo Round-Up

 We GeekaChica bloggers may be Geeks, but we know how to have fun. Of course, being Geeks, sometimes our fun includes costumes. And parties. Lots and lots of parties! But you’re not here for my blah-blah-blah-ing, so on to the pictures!  […]

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My name is Cyannide, and I’m a recovering WoW Addict

 So, I’m new here to GeekaChicas and thought I would introduce myself with a blog about being a recovering World of Warcraft addict. Yes, I was one of THEM. I joined the WoW community in late summer 2007, after my husband started playing earlier that year. He’s the gamer in our house. I was intrigued by the wide expanse of both the online game itself, and it’s community of players. Up until then I had never really played an RPG, other than watching the Final Fantasy series, unless you count The Sims (but to be honest, all I did in The Sims was build houses for my people, then invite their friends over, and make them watch their friends die various deaths. Apparently I have issues). So I went out and bought my copy and started playing. I made a Blood Elf (a race on the “evil” Horde side), and made her a warlock, aptly named Cyannide. And I was hooked. It didn’t hurt either that I joined right in the season of holiday “in-game” events. Starting with Brewfest, which is the game version of October Fest. And it was glorious. I spent a lot of time getting drunk in-game and just running around meeting people. Then, after that was their Halloween, and then Christmas, which is called Winter Veil.  Once the holidays were done, however, I decided to spend more time playing. I did quests and levelled my toon up, to about level 40. Then I decided to make another one, at the encouragement of my husband (who had about 3 or 4 at that time I think). So I make another Blood Elf, but this time a Priest named Cassiopeia, to be a healer. And I feel in love! I quickly learned playing a healing class pretty much made you one of the more popular players.   […]

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A Letter From Pollux, Another Not-Yet-Of Troy Story

 This is the next letter in the series, written from Pollux to his sister, Helen. (To read the first letter, go here!)  Technically speaking, it’s unlikely that Helen and Pollux would have ever been exchanging letters in Homeric Greece. The only evidence we have of written language from that time are the Linear B tablets of the Mycenaeans, and mostly these tablets gave us information on inventories of goods disbursed. From the tablets we can extrapolate that Mycenae had some kind of overarching administration, and it’s suggested that the script was only known to a small group of people, high up. It would not have been used by any common folk.  Helen, as a princess of Lacedaemon might have known that such records were kept, but it is highly unlikely she would have been taught to write. Further, Linear B is only found on clay tablets. Obviously this does not mean that writing on any other medium was impossible, because the tablets were preserved through the destruction of the palaces by fire which would have destroyed anything like skins or papyrus, but if they were only writing in Linear B on clay, it would make for an awkward letter. […]

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    The Fourth Kind – The Truth Is Maybe Sort of Out There Kind Of

The Fourth Kind – The Truth Is Maybe Sort of Out There Kind Of

 NO SPOILERS, TRANS FATS, OR MSG Does anyone except me remember how the Ring was first marketed?  Maybe it’s because I was nearly recruited into the effort, but I seem to remember it far more clearly than anyone else I know.  There were actual videotapes that various people were told to leave in places where they might be found and watched.  I had a ton of those tapes in the trunk of my car.  A bunch of websites popped up about “technovirii,” along with a particularly sad site that certainly looked as though a teen had made it in which she talked about her friend going missing, mentioning this video, and asking for help.  It was one of the first attempts of that scale to hit the market (of course, everyone remembers the Blair Witch Project), but in the end, the studio ended up largely abandoning it for more conventional movie promotion.  According to certain sites, Milla Jovovich’s the Fourth Kind has participated in a viral marketing scheme of…interesting proportions.  So that’s the question, I suppose.  Does Abigail Tyler exist?  Is this, as one of the previously-linked site’s comments states, “another media cover-up?”     […]

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    TaunTaun Sleeping Bags Have Arrived! (Well, for Pre-Order, anyway)

TaunTaun Sleeping Bags Have Arrived! (Well, for Pre-Order, anyway)

 Every year on April Fool’s Day, the geek shopping mecca Think Geek does an April Fool promotional page in which they offer many joke “products.” One year not so long ago, one of those products was the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag — complete with lining stitched to simulate coils of entrails. My first thought […]

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Imaginary Friends, Not Just For Kids Anymore!

 I have a confession to make:I still have imaginary friends.But, you say, imaginary friends are for kids! And not just for kids, but for kids who are lonely, or otherwise lacking something emotionally fulfilling somehow!My readers, we have entered a new era in the research and study of imaginary friends, thanks in a large part to research by a Dr. Marjorie Taylor of the University of Oregon in Eugene. For those of us who are writers and always wondered if we were going a little bit crazy because our characters are wandering around the house, the results are good! It looks like it’s okay, and we’re not alone!Along with the excellent company of children between the ages of 3 and 7 (and sometimes even 12-17 if you include the sublimation into “dear diary” entities as mentioned in this article which I swear to you I read once in full for an informative speech in college, but am thankful the abstract still contains the most cogent information!), we can add writers to the list of people who are allowed to have imaginary friends! Let me tell you, I breathed a sigh of relief.  The mysterious researcher Dr. Seiffge-Krenke (man do I wish I could read German, googling her brings up tons of information that isn’t written in English), also found that it was the more socially competent and creative adolescents who had these sublimated imaginary companions rather than the social misfits, as previously believed. […]

Spock Acknowledged as Part of Complete Breakfast

     You read that correctly, my friends.  Imagine my glee when I was surprised one evening with the gift of….    Trust me…I lived on nothing but Star Trek waffles and syrup for the next two days.  Literally.  I must say that Spock, be he of the Nimoy or Quinto variety, is quite delicious when […]

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