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Shorts in December!

 Just a quick reminder to those of you out there who can’t get enough RiffTrax: December 16th and 17th, various movie theaters will be showing a series of RiffTrax shorts for your viewing pleasure.  The shorts I’ve seen so far are hilarious in and of themselves, so the commentary will almost certainly be side-splitting.   […]

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Arrr, Matey! Or, Why Hollywood Keeps Making More Pirates

  Major movie studios are producing more pirates than ever.  And not the hot Johnny Depp kind — the kind that eats into their profits.  Why?  Because their collective heads are buried in their collective asses, which is apparently where the fabled Bottom Line lives.  (Makes sense, no?)   Granted, the industry has good reason to worry.  In 2008, DVD sales and rentals dropped by 4.8%, which equates to a whopping $2.6 billion in lost revenue.  But if memory serves, the world was in the midst of a severe economic crisis, and discretionary spending fell off like a bag of rocks dropped from the top of the Chrysler building.  Hmm, should I buy food or rent Transformers?  Tough call ….   […]

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A Very Quick Peek Into The Box

  Most people, myself included, were definitely put off by the way this film was presented in trailers and in synopses.  After all, it does sound silly.  From  Norma and Arthur Lewis are a suburban couple with a young child who receive an anonymous gift bearing fatal and […]

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Winter Is Coming… Resist The Urge To Tan!

 Readers, consider this your friendly neighborhood Public Service Announcement. I know this has been out there for a while, but with winter upon us (or in my case, a bizarrely extensive fall) the urge to go out and tan for that healthy glow is probably more tempting for those of us in the North. But Don’t.  Resist! Because the news is not good. Tanning beds DEFINITELY cause cancer. And I have a feeling that Britain is already suffering the consequences of our love affair with tanning, and the rest of the world is not far behind.    So here are the facts if you didn’t read the articles:  Cancer rates increase by 75% when you use ultraviolet tanning beds before the age of 30. Your friends who tan are staring Melanoma in the face, and Melanoma isn’t going to blink first.** In Britain, skin cancer, in particular Melanoma (the deadliest kind) has become the leading cancer diagnoses in women in their 20s. To put that into perspective, Melanoma USED to only be common among people over the age of 75.    First of all, it’s absolutely shocking that cancer rates increase 75% when you use ultraviolet tanning beds. Shocking and scary. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I was in college in the great midwest, there was  a huge population of people who tanned in winter. We’re talking weekly pilgrimages to the tanning salon. How many of them are going to develop cancer just because they wanted a bronzer skin tone? And the people who provide tanning as a service? They’re still denying a link exists. We warn people about tobacco and alcohol, but nobody is slapping Surgeon General Warning Labels up in the cancer emporiums that are beauty salons. They’re not even getting Mr. Yuck stickers. (Although, that’s a tempting idea…) Now that you’ve been warned, allow me to subject you to my editorial thought process.  […]

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40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 minutes

I love the kind of movie where the protagonist goes nuts with a motivational speech.  It happens before the big battle, the big game, or even the big heist.  That’s why I just adored this clever video I found via Urlesque yesterday which deserves a repost here.   We get the likes of Morgan Freeman, Viggo […]

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Taoism and the Tenth Doctor

 Water overcomes the stone; Without substance it requires no opening; This is the benefit of taking no action. ~Tao Te ChingWater always wins.~The Doctor Slightly spoilery: discussion of themes but not plot points.  […]

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Shatnerquake! For Free!

 Those of you who have been with us since the beginning may well remember our earlier mention of this book. If you don’t recall, click here.  Essentially, I deemed this the best book EVAR, on concentrated camp value alone.  Well, guess what? Last evening, Jeff Burk, the writer and gifted mind behind ShatnerQuake! gave […]

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Letters from the Kings, Another Not-Yet-Of Troy Story

 For some reason, Homer places a great emphasis on lineage and title in The Iliad. The smallest of side characters is often outlined by his father, and his father’s deeds. This is especially true of the greater heroes and kings, who are just as often referred to as Son of So-and-so as they are by their own names. We don’t often meet their fathers outside of these side-tracked stories– with the obvious exception of the sons of Priam, King of Troy– but the Iliad is filled with these distracting flavor bursts of parentage. Why so important? Well, establishing yourself as the son of someone who did something great leaves you poised to accomplish something even greater! A lot of this is reflected later on in history, as we see people over and over again drawing their lineages back to ancestors who were either gods or heroes (often heroes themselves were demi-gods or of divine heritage). After Homer’s time, claiming a god as an ancestor was a way of validating and justifying an individual’s authority or superiority. It’s a little bit more subtle than claiming absolute divinity, like the Kings of Egypt, Alexander the Great, and the Emperors of Rome,  but all of this is the precursor of what later became the Divine Right of Kings who claimed their rule to be mandated and willed by God. Interesting how these “pagan” practices wormed their way into the Christian world! Whew. Now that we’ve gotten the history out of the way, I give you the letters! (The first two are here and here. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you to catch up!) The two letters below are short and sweet. […]

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This is How We (and Mary Jane) Do It

 Living with a plethora of geeks throughout the years has led me to the ultimate Super Hero Mom ability:No… I can’t run faster than the ice cream truck. Nor can I leap over Lego Towers in a single bound. However I can defeat the dark forces of… The Laundry Basket! *insert menacing theme music here*How, you might ask, do I keep the local heroes costumes so neat and tidy? Haven’t you ever wondered how Superman can break through a brick wall, save a kitten from a fire, and fight off bad guys… AND come out in a mint-condition, identity-concealing costume?The answer, quite simply:Mom’s Hero Laundry Services—No stain we can’t defeat!Seriously, though, my geeklet’s costuming has taken on it’s fair share of stains and grime.To keep your costume nice and clean, I endorse these tips:  […]

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F-Bod Studios: Be a Space Girl with Me

 Some of GeekaChicas’ longtime readers may recall the side-splittingly funny stylings of our own FluffyBunny. Click here for a refresher. Well, Fluffy is an artist by trade, and as such has many, many projects going at once.  One such amazing project is F-Bod Studios: Apparel and Some Other Crap, a website that just keeps […]

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