Today is the last day to push your wordcount past 50,000 words to join the ranks of NaNoWriMo Winners! A few words of advice before we hit the final letters for the Not-Yet-Of Troy series!

1) Double check and make sure your timezone is correct! Because of daylight savings, you might be an hour ahead of yourself if you didn’t correct your timezone after you started! This could mean that instead of having until midnight to verify, you only get until 11pm. Which leads me to my next point–

2) Verify EARLY! Do everything in your power to get yourself verified before 11pm local (or earlier if you can swing it!). The Word Counter for the NaNoWriMo site may shave some wordage off your word processor’s count, and you will want time to be able to recoup those numbers before midnight! Also, there is usually a rush to validate at the last minute which slows down the site– don’t let yourself be timed out and lose the win after all your hard work!

3) Pat yourself on the back for making it this far! Whether you got to 50K or not, you answered the challenge to write a novel, and that’s something to be proud of. If you didn’t quite make it to 50K this year, you can always try again  next November! And I hear that NaNoWriMo is trying to put together a year round program, too–assuming they make their donation goals.


(Previous Letters: Helen to Pollux, Pollux to Helen, Letters from the Kings, Helen to Theseus, Theseus to Helen, Letters Between Theseus and Pirithous, Letters Between Helen and Menelaus.)


Now, the last letters– From Theseus to Helen, and from Helen to Pollux.


Meet me tomorrow night in my father’s temple after the moon has set and we will remove you from the city. My man will see you to the coast where I will join you before the week is out. I will stay in Lacedaemon only long enough to allay any suspicion by your father. The trip for you may not be comfortable, but it is what must be done to ensure your safety and keep you from being seen leaving.

When we arrive in Athens, you will be given whatever you require for your comfort. I hope you will consider it your home in time. But Helen, I will not hold you to your promise to marry me. In time, if it is what you wish, then it will be so, but you will have my protection regardless. I would not have you feel that you must barter yourself for safety in this, or in anything. And there is much that we must discuss before you choose to become my wife, Helen. Much I have not had time to explain.

May the Gods bless us both.

Your servant,



I’m sorry. I had no other choice. Don’t come for me. Don’t let anyone come for me.

All my love,


I like to think that Helen and Theseus will have a moment of happily ever after before the rest of Greece catches up to them…


If you’re interested in learning more about my Helen of Troy novel, check out my blog! Writing, rewriting, and revisions will be an ongoing process, and I’ll be updating and continuing my research. Helen is loosely related to a larger project I’m working on as well, rewriting myth into the modern world through fiction.


Thanks for reading the Not-Yet-Of Troy series! I hope you enjoyed it! And let us know in the comments– Did you make it to the finish line? Are you victorious, or will you be squaring off for a rematch next November?