Dust Bunnies by Mandy


Dust Bunnies by Mandy are creepy, cute, stuffed bunnies. All bunnies are hand made, and are made to order. There are a few standard designs (White Rabbit, Dot, and Living Dead Bunny) as well as speical designs like a Were-bunny made with fake fur, a Fairy Bunny with satin wings, and Roller Derby themed bunnies complete with skates. But you can also order custom ideas, like ninjas or babies, or whatever you can think of. Even a bunny in your favourite team’s colours. Prices range from $5 for minis, to $20-$40 for the bigger ones, but the prices will be going up in the new year.


A brief history. I saw a bunny I had liked online, and decided that I would try making my own. I made an Alice in Wonderland themed one first because I’m a huge fan and it seemed like a good fit. Then I made a zombie one, my second love. Other ideas came, and I also made mini ones. They sat around my house for a year or so, while I tried to sell them, and had people say they would buy them, but then never follow through.  Got kind of discouraged, and let them sit. Then just recently, after I had joined Roller Derby, I decided maybe it’s time to get back into them. And one friend suggested I make a Facebook fan page, and from there they spread. And I sold my first few! And now I have orders coming in and it feels amazing. Though it’s hard to give them up after I make them!


Dust Bunnies by MandyEach bunny takes about 2 evenings minimum to complete once I start on it. One night to cut out the pattern and assemble a few pieces, and another night to assemble the rest and add accessories. Each bunny is completely sewn by hand, and stuffed with love. And all bunnies are made to order.


I’m really glad that my bunnies are getting out there now and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Perhaps some geek theme bunnies?