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Musings on Booker T. Washington and Modern Feminist Writing

*Author’s note*  I am unabashedly a book/movie geek, not a web/tech geek.  Thus I seem to have mangled this thing when posting it.  This is as it should be and to heck with your “read more” cut!Being a student and all, I spend my time learning things.  Recently, in American Humanities 1860-present (evening sec), […]

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Head, meet wall. Wall, head. Charmed, I’m sure.

 There may be many reactions when confronted with a lump of industrial-strength stupid early on a Tuesday morning, but mine was weariness.  Biologists probably feel this way, when creationists engage them in what the creationist probably thinks is the first challenge to the biologist’s worldview but which is more like the 85 millionth.  But […]

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Girl Cooties and Sci-Fi

 Remember The Invisible Boy from the movie Mystery Men?  You know, the kid that was only invisible when no one was looking at him?  Yeah, that’s not so much a new and exciting superpower, women who love sci-fi have long known that power and we keep trying to get rid of it!  On the off chance you missed a certain article that has been making the rounds of the blogosphere, women are destroying science fiction.  Women and our girl cooties are forcing the manly men who love science fiction to think about their feeeeeeeelings.  And relaaationships and oh my god the fact manly men doing manly things doesn’t always help.  Oh noes!  I mean my god, man the fact that boys might actually like other boys is preposterous and obviously the work of those evil manipulative women that are banging on the door of our guys only club!  The horror!  The madness!  It’s the death of science fiction as we know it!!  Pretty soon they’ll be doing things like calling it SyFy! […]

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Breaking News: Asshat Writer Is Asshat

 RT @pearceholland : So what’s your opinion on asshats who think women don’t belong in science or sci-fi?–They are just what you call them. ~Brent Spiner, via Twitter   Apparently, there’s a war on science fiction happening.  Thankfully, Spearhead has published an article to make us all aware of a very tragic situation.   Let us begin simply with the first paragraph, which is about enough to make me build some sort of projectile device for launching flaming tampons:   Science fiction is a very male form of fiction.  Considerably more men than women are interested in reading and watching science fiction.  This is no surprise.  Science fiction traditionally is about men doing things, inventing new technologies, exploring new worlds, making new scientific discoveries, terraforming planets, etc.  Many men working in the fields of science, engineering, and technology have cited science fiction (such as the original Star Trek) for inspiring them when they were boys to establish careers in these fields.   To coin an Internet meme, O RLY?    […]

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Kanye of the West

 Thanks to Oberonia for this! As Kanye jokes go (and there is no dearth of them) , this one gave me the giggles for the extreme contextual dissonance. If you find something you’d like to share with other GeekaChicas, please comment below.

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Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking– A Glorious Dawn

 I confess that as a wee lass I was ever so slightly enamored of Carl Sagan and his Cosmos series. Guess I’ve always carried a torch for the smart type, and my signed copy of Contact is among my most prized possessions.  So, imagine my enjoyment when Pearce emailed me the following video. Thanks to […]

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There’s a Little Sheldon in All of Us

 Recently I’ve gotten hooked on the Big Bang Theory.  The premise could have been a recipe for disaster.  A hot blond chick moves in next door to two theoretical physicists.  I mean, all the different ways this show could have gone horrible wrong was there.  Picking on the geeks, picking on the dumb blond, […]

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