Oh, sure, the Internet is a wonderful demographic platform, and is giving rise to amateur efforts that are not only shaking up the world of media creation and consumption[1], but can also be outstanding artistic efforts in their own rights.  See Pixel Chick’s paen to YouTube standouts for more; plus, I’ll add links to two of my own favorites: Tony Blair singing “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” and George W. Bush singing “Sunday Bloody Sunday“.  Your life is not complete without these.


But wait! They can’t ALL be tiny shining jewels of innovation and talent.  For every Numa Numa Song or The Guild, there are a dozen videos or channels that make you want to gouge your eyes out, or at the very least forswear technology for the rest of your mortal life.


And so it is with another showcase of amateur talent, Etsy.  Don’t get me wrong–I like Etsy.  I’ve bought stuff from Etsy, and it’s uniformly been pretty terrific.  I’ve turned my mom onto Etsy.  But mixed in amongst the steampunk jewelry and hand-dyed fibers and avant-garde sculpture are plenty of things that look like rejects from second grade art class. 


To catalog them all, we have… Regretsy , a wonderful snark-tastic blog in the tradition of the late lamented You Knit What?!, dedicated to finding these inexplicable labors of love and sharing them with the rest of us.


 WARNING: Often NSFW, and boy are they ever not kidding.  Also, may inspire nightmares.


 [1] One terrific side effect of YouTube, quality of videos aside, is that it is quietly and steadily undermining one of  the DRM lobby’s key underlying assumptions: that content flows one way, from media producers (i.e. studios) to media consumers (i.e. us commoners).  Once, that sort of went without saying; but in the age of YouTube, it’s increasingly less tenable.