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College Humor Tweaks Pixar, Vampires

 If you guys haven’t discovered the irreverent and amusing stuff that is College Humor, now is the time to check it out.  I cannot tell you how many times people have sent me some of their stuff recently, and it’s all been great fun. Here are a couple of my recent favorites just to […]

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Comic Books, Evolution, and God

Hold the Phone my friends, and read this: The Structure of Scientific Evolutions.  This editorial/article/discussion/piece discusses two Darwinist explanations of God and religion. Basically they both come down to “People created religion” it’s just the question of how it happened which is argued, and whether God was involved or a byproduct. I’m not sure I agree entirely with either camp, or any of this, but it definitely makes me think about it, which I always love. And now I’m about to get a little bit geeky, because I’m going to go back to the Thor comic book by Marvel and do a little cross quotation. (And yes, this is an example of how eclectic I can be–God, science, and The Mighty Thor all in the same post!)   When they relauched the Thor title with J. Michael Straczynski at the helm, this was the premise for Thor’s return from the grave (or the void, if you prefer):  “It is not for the gods to decide whether or not man exists–It is for man to decide whether or not the gods exist.”  And when I read it, it blew my mind wide open. Because I’m kind of a geek who loves a good thought provoking comic book read, and because there is too much truth in that statement for it to be ignored. […]

A Warm Welcome to an Epic Chica

 Amalia The Savage joins us from the frigid northeast!  You’re going to love her intelligent pieces on a variety of subjects – this lady loves to do her homework.  She also absolutely loves to write and will probably cross-post from her personal blog, and I hope everyone is looking forward to reading her work […]

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Geeka-Boo Serial Fiction: The Resting Bones, Part Two

  Continued from The Resting Bones, Part One  Lara felt a chill in her bones.  Trying his best to comfort her, Brian put his arm around her shoulders and convinced her to go back to the trailer. He gave her the tagged bone to take back with her, which she let him slip into her pack so she wouldn’t have to touch it. A few hours later, both Brian and Dr. Lloyd came in with the few samples that had been excavated.  They laid them on Brian’s desk and Dr. Lloyd expressed to Brian the importance of keeping them away from the village men.  He had caught one of them trying to put it back in the ground, and now they were refusing to stay past dark.  Brian agreed, mostly to get the him out of his trailer.   “You don’t think there’s really a monster, do you?” Lara blurted it out before she could help herself.   “Not really. It’s more likely that one of the villagers got fed up with the dog and took it out on the both of them,” said Brian, hoping at least to make her laugh a little.  He was scared too, and she could tell.   “I should go,” she said, looking over at his desk full of bones.   “Lara, I would feel better if you stayed here with me, tonight.” A slight blush washed up his face as he spoke.   She wanted to stay, but she knew that she would be up all night — she might as well get some more research finished. She grabbed her pack.  It felt soft in her hands. She had kept the brown back pack since her freshman year of college.  Before leaving for the dig, her sister had given her a blue butterfly patch, because she loved butterflies, to sew onto the front pocket.  Right now, that all seemed a world away.   “I can’t, but thank you,” she said as she turned toward the door.  Hesitating for a moment, she turned back to Brian, looking at him as if she were memorizing his face. After an obvious decision of some sort had been reached, Lara walked forward, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him fully. A moment passed and she broke the embrace.  Outside the trailer, her cheeks feeling hot, she glanced back. She could see Brian standing as if she were still there kissing him, with a silly grin on his face — one that matched hers exactly.   […]

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Shoes, Operating Systems, it’s all about the hunt.

 Over the last week or so I’ve had to investigate many different Linux distributions.  The reason is because there are hardly any operating systems that will run on a eeepc 4G Surf anymore.  This all started when I misheard some advice and installed the newest version of Ubuntu 9.10 NBR.  While I’d love to give you a review, it did nothing but blow up my netbook.  To my credit, I’ve been using one version or another of Linux for about 7 years now.  So I’m not exactly a n00b and will put up with a lot of crap from an OS if I like it.  Since I had to reload my OS anyway I thought I’d do a little digging and a little shopping around.  Get out of my comfortable Ubuntu/eeebuntu zone and see what’s out there.   Boy, did I find stuff!  Mostly what I found is that Linux distributions are like women’s shoes.  There are an infinite number of brands, styles and colors to choose from but a lot of them are going to hurt.  So without much further ado, my quick and dirty run down of different Linux distributions experiences on my Asus eeepc 4G Surf (BTW, this is by no means an exhaustive list): […]

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Geeka-Boo Serial Fiction: The Resting Bones, Part One

 Many of GeekaChicas’ contributors are writers. One of our newest Chicas, Oberonia, has jumped into the spirit of things this Halloween by offering up one of her horror stories in two parts.       Her delicate fingers twisted the brush tool lightly.  Lara had to be careful. If she ruined another sample, the site director, Dr. Lloyd, would be furious and she would be sent home for sure.  Brush, brush, twist. She watched the brush and sample closely. The remnants were mostly shards of clay, probably a pot or bowl that predated all of the nonexistent findings she had made thus far.  As a single lock of perfectly timed hair fell over her left eye, a gust of wind swept the dirt upward, a dose of nature that was mostly absorbed by the hair hanging in her face and her glasses.  Unfortunately for her other eye, a small piece of silt found its way in and forced her to abandon the cleaning.   She found her way into the nearest trailer to wash out her eye.  This was her second week on the small dig in Peru and she had done nothing but stumble her way through one mistake after another.  Lara Berk, even through her lack of grace, was beautiful. She had a vintage feel about her with her perfectly swept up blonde hair, a handsome and angular face, and dark rimmed glasses framing her sky blue eyes.  She looked like someone that had stepped out of a 1930’s German edition of Archaeology Now.  All she lacked was a German accent and a riding crop. Lara, however, was neither German nor happy at the moment.  She knew she should have been cleaning the clay remnants inside the research tent, but she didn’t want to move them for fear of shattering.  She had already cleaned the biggest piece enough to see the bottom half of an animal, or maybe it was something like the Peruvian dinosaur pottery she had read about in Nasca.  Claws were clearly visible, at any rate.   Feeling her way to the sink, she held her eye in one hand and her glasses in the other.   “Here, use the eye wash cup. It’s easier,” said Brian, who had been the voice of comfort to Lara since her arrival. He was normally stuck inside the trailer cataloging finds by those digging in the dirt and tagging outside.  As usual, there was an array of objects all over his desk, his countertops, and some parts of the floor where no one would bother them.   “I feel like I’ve washed my eyes out of my head.  I’m surprised there’s still something left for the dirt to stick to.” Lara smirked as she took the small cup.   “You could use the goggles, you know,” Brian added with a sniff and a grin in his charming, if not smart ass way.  He was smart, tall, decently built with the sunburned complexion of most of the students on the dig.  The “Sniff-n-Grin” usually made the girls swoon, though he had no clue that it did.   “They would give me a headache and then you would have me in here anyway whining for aspirin,” she countered.  Had Lara spent a little more time with her head in the real world instead of in her books, she’d have recognized the flirtations of her admirer.  As it was, she never noticed his advances, nor anyone else’s for that matter, not even Dr. Lloyd’s. Once, the venerable professor had tried to make the move in the back of the main tent late one night.  Lara’s allergies had set her free as a massive sneezing fit temporarily delayed her mentor’s lecherous intentions.   Brian turned back to the daily tagging and Lara studiously went back to her findings.  Lunch time came and went with the news that some of the field students had unearthed the remains of an unidentified species near the east edge of the dig.  They would be studied more closely after the lunch break, and the photography, excavation, and tagging would become their main focus over all other projects by everyone either physically or by research.   Dusk settled over the camp as everyone retired for the evening.  Morning would come a lot earlier than anyone wanted.  The darkness fell.   Days and evenings began to blur together for Lara.  She had been having a few odd dreams lately that had grown continually worse, and her old pal insomnia had made its way back. Against the wishes of Dr. Lloyd, and mostly out of resentment for being stuck on the research detail, Lara had thrown her attentions in the way of local legends and myths for the day.  She had even conducted a quite pleasant interview with one of the hired village men.  There were still no leads as to the species of the find, which Dr. Lloyd had affectionately named ‘Sheldon.’ No one really cared why.   A small group, that did not include Lara, had already begun the first of the excavations as one Dr. John R. Levi landed his helicopter on the far side of camp.  Dr. Levi had long funded numerous digs for the good of history.  As usual, his large, black Brazilian Mastiff, Piaui, exited first and bolted across the dig site.  Piaui was named after the doctor’s very first dig site, and he could do no wrong.  It was best if you felt the same.  Piaui had just about bounded his way, snarling and drooling, to the students working on the still unknown remains.  So far, five full bones had been unearthed, and as the sixth bone was being lifted from the dirt, Piaui cleared the top of the hill, nearly scaring the students to death.     […]

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The Writers are Coming! The Writers are Coming!

 It’s almost November and between the fun and excitement in the US over Halloween, people are quietly scribbling down notes and whispering furtively to each other.  Why?  Because it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo runs the entire month of November.  The goal?  To write 50,000 words in 30 days.  Crazy?  […]

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Regretsy: Because not everything on Etsy is inspired by the muse

 Oh, sure, the Internet is a wonderful demographic platform, and is giving rise to amateur efforts that are not only shaking up the world of media creation and consumption[1], but can also be outstanding artistic efforts in their own rights.  See Pixel Chick’s paen to YouTube standouts for more; plus, I’ll add links to […]

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The Egalitarian Genius of Free Video Hosting

 Most every one has seen at least a few examples of amazing or wonderful things on video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddyou and so forth.  Some are more tolerant of transformative works than others, but for the most part, they all have lots of stuff that people have either made themselves or made […]

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My Fall TV Experiment and NBC’s Community

 I made a pact with myself that I would watch LESS TV this fall.  I realized that I had so much glorious free time over the summer to do things like…cook.  Exercise.  See friends.  Go outside.  Go to bed at a decent hour.  It was awesome!  When I finally stopped to figure out why […]

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