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A Fascination with Prayer Beads

When I’m not busy breaking computers or watching genre shows on my computer, I make rosaries.  To be fair, I make more than just rosaries, I can make most different types of jewelry, but what I enjoy the most are rosaries.  For a lot of reasons, I lost track of that hobby as my […]

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There’s this scarf that I’ve owned for several years.  I remember buying it at the same department store where I worked at the time.  Its red white and blue in a pattern of American flags on it.  Originally, it was meant for Memorial Day, or Independence Day, I don’t recall which.  But I’ve actually […]

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Lucifer is Coming!

 Well, okay, not really. But that was the Twitter topic that was trending this morning. The Twit Storm that followed was wonderful to behold, on many different levels. First, it was funny because the knee-jerk reactionaries thought satanists had taken over Twitter. Let that sink in a minute, and we’ll go on. Satanists taking over […]

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Black Babies are the New Black

 First, a big thank you to Oberonia for bringing TokenBlackChic to my attention by posting one of her videos. This woman is my new hero– she’s  smart, funny and pretty much lets everybody have it.There are very few sacred cows that she doesn’t slap around a bit, and I say more power to her.Enough […]

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I’m Not On a Boat

 Whilst watching GI Joe, which made my brain hurt on many levels, I began to ponder who the hell decides which actors are the new hunks for the season.  Apparently, whatever his name is who was the lead in GI Joe is the New Dreamboat.  Not only did I not understand it, but I distracted myself from the rest of the movie by trying to figure it out and going over other supposed “dreamboats” in my mind.  Of course, there have been many, but I don’t see the attraction for the grand majority of them.    Channing Tatum – Apparently, this is GI Joe Guy’s name.  He’s 25, and he looks like every generic hair horned douche with whom I attended high school.  Seriously – I could go to Facebook right now and pull up so many current photos of former classmates that are dead ringers for this man.  I’m sure the guy’s got a great body, but you can find those on tons of other actors – many of whom have probably never appeared in Step Up 2:  The Streets.     […]

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My Heart Remains UnKindled

 We’ve used this space to review the Kindle, and even the proponents’ position barely edged above ‘meh.’ Let’s face it, many book lovers are simply not down with the whole ebook thing. Some of us, bless our hearts, love paper in all its forms.  Yes, friends and neighbors, I […]

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The Mighty Dragon Lives!!!!!

      It’s that glorious time of year again!  I’m  not talking about the beginning of the school year or the end of summer.  No — it’s Dragon Con time!!!!! For all you lovely Geekas who have been overly sheltered, Dragon Con is an annual gathering where 40000+ of your nearest and dearest geeks, freaks, […]

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